New Contest on the BuildDirect Facebook Page: Love Your Yard!

Hi everyone!

As mentioned on our Twitter feed yesterday, and of course through our Facebook community, we’re running a spring contest on our Facebook page!

It’s called ‘Love Your Yard!’, or perhaps more accurately, “Love your, your parents, friends, neighbors yards!”.

Basically, we want to see what impresses you out there in the world of outdoor living spaces, whether it’s your space or that of someone you know.

We want to see decks, pavers, patios, gardens, garden structures like gazebos and pergolas.  We even want to see your balconies, where you’ve laid down interlocking deck tiles, and railings.

Maybe you’ve got a cool water feature. Maybe you’ve created a garden path using natural stone pavers. Whatever impresses you, we want to see the pictures!

Submit your original pictures to the contest. We’ll choose the finalists. And you guys get to vote on the winner.

Submit your pics by May 10! We’ll pick the finalists on May 11. Then, you get to vote on the winner, who will be drawn on May 18th.

The winner will be sent a luxury patio furniture set:

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your pics!

Enter right now!



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