Landscaping Improvements at Low-Cost or No Cost

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One thing is certain; great results at low-cost isn’t a formula likely to go out of style. ย This is true when it comes to home improvement, inside and out. But, since summer’s coming, let’s talk about the ‘out’; outside in your yard, that is.

Home and garden expert Alyssa Davis drops in again here on the BuildDirect blog to talk about how to carve out a little piece of landscaping heaven of your own, while also going easy on your pocketbooks …


Although you want your yard and the exterior of your home to look attractive for the spring and summer season, sometimes it’s necessary to economize. If you are on a tight landscaping budget this year, it’s ideal to find ways to landscape your property attractively while spending very little money. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost or even no-cost methods that you can use to make the exterior of your home and your yard beautiful. Here are a few inexpensive ideas that you can use to immediately spruce up your landscape.

Garage Sale Finds

Never underestimate the power of a garage sale when looking for inexpensive ways to landscape your home. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You’ll frequently find old flower pots and planters, leftover landscaping supplies such as partially used bags of mulch, and yard decorations at garage sales or flea markets. This can be a great way of getting the items you need at a drastically discounted price.

Buy Mulch in Bulk

If you have flower gardens or planting areas around your home, chances are you like to keep them mulched. Although mulch can be quite expensive when you buy it in small bags, it’s actually fairly inexpensive when it’s purchased in larger quantities. If you or one of your neighbors has access to a pickup truck, you might want to go together and get a large load of mulch. You could even ask several of your neighbors if they would like to split a truckload of mulch so that everyone can beautify their yard and save money at the same time. Some landscaping supply companies will even deliver a truckload of mulch for a fee. This can be a great way to save a lot of money when landscaping your yard.

Also, if you already have mulch in place, take a rake to it before adding new mulch. Mulch compacts over time: Raking it fluffs it up and makes it look like new. If additional mulch is needed to top off the beds, you will only need a fraction of what you would use without raking.

Grow Your Own Bedding Plants

If you plan to grow vegetables, flowers or other decorative plants around your home, you can save a significant amount of money by growing your own plants from seed. Depending on the plant variety, this might mean starting your seeds indoors early in the spring or simply sowing the seeds directly into the garden once the weather has warmed up. As compared to the high cost of buying plants at garden centers and nurseries, this method can save you a lot of money.

Homemade Yard Decorations

It can be fun to add a few decorative yard ornaments to your landscape for color and a whimsical touch. Instead of buying your yard ornaments at the store, try making your own. You can make your own small yard signs by using nothing more than a few wood scraps and some acrylic waterproof paint. Instead of buying expensive decorative planters and pots, use paint to decorate plain terra cotta pots. You can also look online for easy craft instructions so that you can make your own wind-catchers and other fun yard decorations.

If you already have a good supply of craft materials around the house, this could be a good way of using the supplies you have without the need to buy anything new, just by upcycling them. Not only will you save money, but you’ll have a lot of fun making your own decorations.


Thanks, Alyssa!

Alyssa Davis of specializes in creating stylish interiors with porch metal wall art and door toppers metal wall art.

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Alyssa Davis

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