Low Maintenance House Plants For Those With Black Thumbs

Do you have green-thumb envy? Do you wish your home could have the fresh, clean look that comes from healthy, growing indoor plants? Fret no more! Check out this list of seven indoor plants that are more likely to survive, even under your black thumb care.

1. Air Plants

“Air plants” are bromeliads, which is the fancy name for plants that don’t need soil. Instead, they get everything they need to survive through their leaves.

Air plants

(image: Cherus)


Believe it or not, these slender-leafed beauties can thrive on a lack of care. Ideally, you should mist their leaves daily when the weather’s warmer. In the winter, these plants get by on a squirt of mist one or two times a week.

2. Bamboo

Not even a lack of water and light can kill these beloved indoor plants. Even a shortage of air circulation doesn’t pose a challenge to bamboo.

bamboo house plants

Considered to bring good luck, this plant is perfect for your home or office.

3. Ginger

Honestly, who doesn’t love the bite of ginger in tea? Buy a piece of ginger root at the grocery store. Put it in a container with the newest buds turned up and cover it with soil.

ginger house plant

Though you do have to keep the soil moist without drowning the root, it won’t take long to see results. When you need ginger, dig out the root, cut off what you need, and replant it.

4. Mint

This is another easy and tasty indoor plant. Bury the seeds or place a starter plant in a sizeable, deep pot. Use potting soil to fill the container. Set it in a window, and water once every one to two days.

mint house plant

Mint is about the lowest maintenance option for black thumb growers who love the taste of fresh herbs.

5. Pothos

This plant actually wants you to let the soil dry out before you water it again. Also, it’s adaptable to a wide range of lighting, though low lighting can make the leaves look puny.

pothos plant

Under decent lighting, the leaves are relatively large, and rest at the end of long stems that can grow eight feet long. Trimming them back makes them more manageable. As a bonus, this plant helps remove toxins from the air.

6. Aloe

This is one of those “set it and forget it” plants. All aloe asks is to have a steady temperature of around 70 degrees and plenty of natural light. Because this plant is a succulent, it thrives on dry soil.

aloe house plant

(image: Peter aka anemoneprojectors – camera busted)

This plant also has the benefit of carrying soothing oil in its spiky leaves. Many people like to keep these plants in the kitchen so they can apply aloe oil directly from the leaf if they get burned.

7. Dracaena Plants

This species is known for being hearty and having multi-colored leaves. Choose a plant with tricolor leaves for an especially playful look. Though you’ll need to water these plants daily when the weather’s warm (even though they’re indoors), water them sporadically in the winter.


Your thumbs, black or otherwise

By making smart choices, even someone with a black thumb can grow beautiful and tasty plants indoors.

Would you consider yourself someone who has black thumbs? What stories do you have to prove it?

Which species that are not on this list have you found to be low-maintenance house plants?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.

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