Mad Men ’60s Style Interior Design in the 21st Century

If you are a fan of the television show Mad Men then you are excited with a new season upon us very shortly. But have you ever wondered where all that sexy and stylish decor comes from? The show is pure style, from the clothing, to the cars, to the office furniture. It’s time to channel your inner Betty Draper and decorate your home with some of the classic stylings of the show.

Art Deco - Miami style! contemporary bedroom


’60s style beds and linens

Style is present in literally every room while you watch the show. The bedroom is no exception as the Draper’s bedroom sports a lovely throwback pale blue bed With deep tufting, blue velvet, and a sensual curved shape, this piece is the epitome of lush luxury and guaranteed to give a good nights sleep.

Bedroom contemporary bedroom
Fabric headboards with cushioned surfaces: very ’60s! Source: Rachel Reider Interiors

Linens can also add a look of real luxury to a room and beds cast in luxurious white linens don’t need much else added to them. Accent the room with a something like a copper and sage chair in the background give the bedroom even more sparkle.

Sofas in mid-century modern ’60s style

While the sofas on the show may not be up to today’s standards in terms of fabric or the construction, Joan’s apartment showcases one that is a true color inspiration. Burnt orange, blue gray and teal showcase a look that’s really fresh. The contrasting colors of the walls and carpet are pulled effortlessly together in the drapes. Such a sofa is ideal to brighten up a smaller sitting space.

Niche Interiors: San Francisco Interior Design Services modern living room

The Draper’s home also showcases an elegant sectional sofa with room to hold six to eight. Showcased in a lovely cream color, it makes from a great piece for the living room.

Long Island Modular Sofa modern living room


Looking to push the style of your wallpaper to the limit? Animal prints can look very chic when done correctly and a zebra-patterned wallpaper is the ideal finishing touch on your dining room. Sure it’s bold, but pattern waves together give the room an early ’60s look without becoming too much and when accented against ivory materials and dark brown leather it’s sure to make a statement. Andy Warhol would be impressed.

Source: via Christine on Pinterest


Interlocked floral design was also a mid-century modern design trend, usiing simplified rounded shapes that create a striking contrast between pattern and negative space.

Source: via BuildDirect on Pinterest


Other furniture

The executive office of Bertram Cooper feature many good pieces of decor but one piece that stands out in particular is an intricately detailed Asian screen that sets the mood and gives the feeling that you too are in the office sipping a martini between meetings with clients.

Spring Bay - Mid-Century Modern modern living room


The design textures of the early ’60s that we can all revisit in the TV show Mad Men is definitely tied to a certain era – mid-century modern.  Yet, in the 21st century, we have the freedom of revisiting that era, often learning that what once served as great design can be incorporated into modern interiors as well. It just takes a little imagination!

And of course, the new Mad Men season begins on March 25 on AMC.

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