Magic Eraser: 25 Uses For A Cleaner Home

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magic eraser melamine foam

A melamine foam magic eraser is a simple, versatile cleaning item. Are you using it to its full potential? Here are a big 25 ways to clean with magic erasers. 


What makes the magic eraser so magical other than its apparent ability to clean just about anything? It’s made of something you may never have heard of in the cleaning aisle before — melamine foam.

What is a magic eraser?

The foam is typically used as insulation in pipes or to soundproof a music studio. Somewhere along the way, someone figured out it could clean, too. It acts as a sander on stains, and the foam’s structure sucks up the dirt so it doesn’t smear everywhere. See? It’s magic.

Take a look at all the ways you can use magic erasers in and out of your home.

Use Magic Erasers Around Your Home

The magic eraser is a cleaning product, so no one will be shocked that it can be used around the home, only that it can be used on so many things:

1. Clean scuffs from baseboards and walls

2. Take off pen, markers, and crayon from furniture and walls

3. Remove sticky residue

4. Clean off the leftover residue from dry erase boards

5. Remove soap scum from nearly any bathroom surface

6. Clean your tile grout

7. Take off juice and coffee stains from countertops

8. Clean sneakers and shoes, removing scuffs

9. Remove hairspray buildup from the walls in your bathroom and bedroom

10. Tackle baked-on stains in pots and pans

11. Remove mineral rings from your toilet

12. Get rid of nail polish from the walls

13. Clean up dried hair dye from walls and counters

14. Remove stains from leather and light-colored suede

15. Clean textured handles like the ones on your stove, refrigerator, and other kitchen appliances

16. Don’t feel bad if your magic eraser is one of the few things you use to clean your home. It does so much — who can blame you?

magic eraser crayon on wall

Take Your Magic Eraser Outside Your Home

Okay, so maybe you already knew a few of those in-home magic eraser uses, but did you know you can take it outside, too?

17. Remove dried spray paint

18. Clean the mold and mildew from plastic and metal outdoor furniture

19. Get rid of paint scuffs on your car

20. Use it on the mineral line around your swimming pool

21. Clean bugs off your windshield, grill, and bumper

22. Remove scuff and other marks from the vinyl siding on your house

23. Take it in the garage or shed and get rid of rust stains from countertops

24. Clean statues, bird baths, and other concrete items in your yard. It’ll even take off bird poop

25. Get rid of the scuff marks your kids’ shoes leave on the back of the seats in your car

26. Remove tar from the outside of your car

Discover even more ways to use a magic eraser

Basically if you see a stain, attack it with your magic eraser. Even if it’s not on this list, it may take it off.

Don’t worry if your magic eraser starts falling apart after a while. That’s what they do. Get a new one, dampen it, scrub a little less vigorously, and your home, car, and everywhere in between will be clean in no time. Technology may explain its cleaning power, but the sheer number of surfaces it cleans and stains it removes feels like pure magic.




What ways to use a magic eraser have we missed? What success stories do you have that you’d like to share? Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.


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