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Making bamboo flooring – watch this video!

Hey good people – Rob here.

I’ve found an interesting 8 minute video about how bamboo flooring is made, with some footage of each stage. Here it is!


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  1. This factory in the video is a poor equipted manufacturer, I guss he always sells cheap quality bamboo floor with a cheap price. Look, how he made the middle layer? For sure there will be a lot of small space in his horizontal floor!

  2. Hello, Brightbamboo,

    I found this on Youtube, and it’s meant to serve as a general guide as to how bamboo is manufactured. Every factory is different, and every company that sells bamboo have different levels of involvement when it comes to quality control. For the record, this isn’t footage of our own factory, although I’d love to get some to post here!

    For consumers, it’s a great idea to talk to sales people (like yourself, Brightbamboo, and guys like Matt too) about the issue of milling standards. This refers to how each board is cut with the idea that the board needs to fit seamlessly with another board, and so on. The better the milling standard, the stronger and more long-lasting the bamboo floor will be. But, I think that’s what you’re getting at, right?

    Thanks for comments!

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