Making More Kitchen Space

kitchen storage hanging utensilsWhen you’re living in a small apartment or house, even storing your basics presents frustration. Many storage ideas only add more clutter or discomfort in a small space. In the kitchen, finding a place for all your plates, pans, pots, and cooking tools can pose a particular challenge.

However, by using a few creative tips, you can expand your kitchen. Consider these storage ideas for your culinary collection.

Put up dinnerware shelves

Plates, bowls, and cups take up square footage that you could use for other purposes. Sure, plates stack nicely, but instead of hiding them from guests, why not display them?

Install a few small shelves on the wall or use an old bookshelf to display your dinnerware. Colored and printed china or dishes bring personality to any kitchen, acting as a colorful accent.

When you store dinnerware on a shelf, you won’t need to open and close cabinets to reach your daily essentials. It’s both convenient and attractive.

Take advantage of cabinet organizers

Sometimes dividing up space in a cabinet really solves the problem. Besides regular shelf dividers, wire or slotted standing racks create plenty of vertical space to stack items without things actually stacking into each other. In other words, plates and pans become much less noisy and difficult to take out.

On top of being a cheap solution, these racks also store bakeware extremely well, such as Pyrex, cutting boards, and tin pans. No more losing cookie sheets under the oven!

With the popularity of adhesive hooks ever rising, you don’t even need to nail hooks in for storage anymore. 3M brand hooks simply stick on, without damaging your cabinets, so that you can hang pots, pans, lids, and large cooking utensils.

Lastly, home renovation stores sell multiple innovative storage cookware organizers. Go for a double-tier model to ensure that more frequently used items are easier to grab.

Hang up a pegboard wall

Pegboard or wire rack wall storage takes the garage handyman solution to the comfort of the kitchen. Hanging over the oven, pots, pans, measuring cups, and all sorts of utensils take residence. Plus, your kitchen gets a cute DIY update.

Grid wall storage allows for an exterior pantry, as well. Choose your tools for this storage idea based on what you’d rather display: the kitchen hardware or cooking materials.

Use magnetic strip storage

It’s dangerous to keep knives loose in a drawer, and for those who operate in the kitchen often, there are always more knives than there are slots in a knife block.

The magnetic strip is one of those “duh” ideas that is so brilliant you wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier. Knives stay off the counter, out of kids’ reach, and easily within the chef’s grasp. Most home and decor stores sell the strips in various lengths.

Longer strips allow for storing additional small kitchen space-suckers, like spatulas, annoying pot lids, and timers. At the same time, hang recipes for easy readability as you cook.

Release your inner master chef

Don’t let a little kitchen interfere with the master chef within you. Get creative and store your beloved kitchen items for a breathe-easy place to flex your cooking muscle without the clutter.


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