Making Room For Overnight Holiday Guests

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The holidays are synonymous with mouth-watering food and great company. If you have family that lives out of town, your relatives often need a place to stay. Depending on your living arrangements, this isn’t always an easy situation. However, by following a few simple tips, providing adequate sleeping quarters for your guests during the holidays is a breeze.

1. Rearrange a room

In many homes, there is an extra room typically reserved as a music room, a study, a fitness room, or a generic office. During the holidays, that room can be easily transformed into a makeshift bedroom. Push the furniture it to one side, allowing a large space for an inflatable mattress. You’ll have to give up the room and your hobbies for a while, but you likely won’t miss it while family is in town.

2. Consider proper sleeping partners

If all of your guests are married, it’s easy to put two people to a bed. However, that is not always the case. You may not be comfortable with younger family members sleeping in the same bed as their romantic partners, and you don’t want your sister to have to sleep with your grandmother.

Therefore, the best idea is to put similar people in the same room. Put all the snorers together (after delicately conducted research, perhaps), or those that like a similar temperature. By doing this, you’ll avoid potential conflicts and help ensure that everyone gets enough sleep.

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3. Change your everyday furniture

While it’s a bit ludicrous to plan your entire interior decor and furniture specifically around holiday sleeping arrangements, changing it just a bit can help in the long run, especially if you host family every holiday.

In certain rooms, consider purchasing a futon rather than a sofa, as it folds out and allows two or sometimes three people to sleep comfortably. Futons are usually made out of eco-friendly materials such as cloth and wool, which is also good for your guests’ health and for the environment.

4. Provide bedding materials

Not only do you need to provide your guests with beds, you’ll also need bedding accessories such as pillows, linens, and an assortment of blankets. Because holiday weather can be unpredictable and everyone likes a different blanket thickness and number of pillows, try to have a variety on hand to cover everyone’s needs. You don’t want your guests freezing under a thin blanket or sweating underneath a wool blanket.

5. Be flexible

Above all, being flexible to everyone’s needs is important. Develop a system that allows everyone to enjoy their stay. For example, let the oldest members of the family have the first selection, then the next oldest, and so on. By doing this, you’ll be less likely to have conflict over who sleeps where.

Sleeping arrangements can be troublesome during the holidays, but don’t let it stress you out. By planning ahead and having it all set up prior to the arrival of your guests, you can help ensure that the season won’t be marred. And remember, as the host, you need more rest than anyone — so don’t feel bad about sleeping in your own bed.


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