Making the “Grade”

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Unlike traditional hardwood floors that have an international standard with regards to gradingbamboo floors have none. This leave the onus upon the consumer to ensure they get what they paid for.

But all is not lost, there are questions that should be answered prior to your purchase.

1. What are the “Milling specifications” of  each board? (how thick and wide is each board consistently)  If these numbers are to great your floor will be uneven and gaps will appear in the seams.

2. What is the allowable colour variation within the floor? Will the product colours be consistent broad to board, box to box, pallet to pallet. This is important if you don’t want your floor to look like a patchwork quilt.

Depending on the answers to these two you will be able to determine if you are working with a reputable company or not.

BuildDirect offers a wide selection of both traditional hardwood floors and bamboo floors, as well as, a wide selection of other products including flooring, decking, siding and a wide selection of green building materials.

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Matt Dickinson