Managing Your Makeup: How To Finally Get It Under Control

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Is your makeup strewn all over your counter, or do you find products all over your house? Here are some tips on how to finally organize and store it all.


I have a confession: I have a huge makeup addiction! I have more products than any woman really should. From a very young age the colors, textures, and transformational effects of makeup and other beauty products have fascinated me.

But it doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot, makeup can be a tough thing to organize – all those lipsticks and pencils like to roll all over the place!  I’m going to offer you a few suggestions on how to finally get yours under control:

Sort and toss!

First of all compile all the makeup you have – dig it out of handbags, drawers, off counters, etc – and put it in one pile, or in a box. Sort everything in like piles – eye, lip, and face products – so you can see what exactly you have and therefore what type of storage you will need.

While you are at it think about how long you have had it and toss it if it’s been a while or if it looks crusty or is smelly.

Drawer space

If you only have the basics and one spare drawer then you are all set for easy storage.

If you have a larger amount of makeup and can spare 2 or more drawers you can sort one of two ways: The first way is to have one drawer each for type of makeup – face, eye and lip. Or if you typically have a day to day makeup routine keep those products in the top drawer and your ‘weekend’, or products you don’t use quite as often, in the other drawer(s).

Visit an office supply, or even a kitchen supply, store and pick up some metal or hard plastic drawer dividers. I think these are great for separating different types of makeup. Throwing it all loose into the drawer is just too messy!

Counter space

If you prefer to have all your makeup within sight, or you don’t have any drawers to spare, displaying your products on a counter, or the top of a dresser, is ideal.

Using pencil cups or shallow bowls is great for keeping your products together and organized. Get a few small, stackable drawers so you won’t take up too much space.

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Medicine cabinet

First a note of disclaimer – if you are storing your makeup in the bathroom know it can break down a bit easier from the extreme heat and moisture, making it go bad a lot faster than if you store it in other places.

But maybe the bathroom is the only place you have to store it, the only conveniently placed mirror, or the best natural light for applying makeup. That’s OK it can still work – you will probably still want to buy some organizers to stack inside your cabinet, or put up some magnetic strips on the inside of the door to keep it there.


Maybe the best place in your home to apply your makeup every morning is in the kitchen, next to the window that gets the best natural light. However it’s not very feasible to keep your makeup next to the kitchen sink! Getting a caddy to pack around your products from room to room is ideal! Caddys are a great solution if you like to apply your makeup in the bathroom – but don’t want to keep it in there with the heat and moisture.

You can buy specialized makeup caddys with compartments already in them, or you can use something like a shower caddy or other easy-carry box. I have a friend who has her makeup in 3 fishing tackle boxes (one for basic work days and the other 2 she pulls out for special occasions).

These caddys/boxes can be tucked anywhere – under the bed, in the corner, on a shelf, under the sink, wherever you have room. These are also very convenient to grab and go if you are traveling.


Being the makeup hoarder I am I actually have a 5 shelf unit dedicated to my makeup. I have small boxes and other organizers on each of the shelves to divide up the products so I know exactly where everything is. I have a small makeup table beside the shelves so I can easily reach over and pull out my products for the day.

Even if you are not like me and own an outrageous amount of makeup you can still make use of shelves – tuck your makeup in a box or two on one or two of your shelves.

How about you?

Where is your favorite place to store, and apply, makeup? How many products on average do you own and do you use different types on different days? Share all your secrets with us in the comments!

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