Mantle Decoration For Warmer Days

spring mantlepiece

Don’t let your mantlepiece go unused in the warmer months waiting for the next holiday season. Use it for seasonal decoration! Here are some ideas.


The mantlepiece gets most of its attention during the holidays. It’s where people gather to warm up and celebrate with family and friends. Whether you have a fully function fireplace or just the exterior relic of one, it’s definitely a great place to focus your decor when December comes.

But what happens when the holidays have passed, the days get longer and the temperature warmer? Do we completely forget about the mantle and leave it there, boring and uncared for, until next year’s season comes around?

Of course not. Even in the spring and summer, the mantle can be a great space to explore decoration techniques and ideas and to relax, inspire, display and reflect. Let’s have a look at some summertime mantle decoration ideas to take you through the warmer months.

Fill it with nature

small fireplace white decorOnce you stop using the fireplace for heat, you can certainly keep a natural feel to it by installing plants and flowers on top, and/or around it.

Try a flowing, drooping plant to frame your mantlepiece around the edges and bring attention to the empty fireplace.

Use seasonal plants and flowers picked right from your yard and garden for a fresh, local feel. Don’t be afraid to use daring vases and planting pots for added color and creativity!

Add a mirror

Some people love staring at themselves just as much as others love to stare in a fire. Use a mirror during the summertime to reflect the daylight and lighten up your entire living room.

Install a variety of mirrors at different spots around the mantle for a more modern, creative effect.

What’s really cool to do is add colorful objects all around the room so that their colors and shapes reflect in and around the mantlepiece. With plenty of sunlight late into the evening, you’ll get stunning effects during sunrise or sunset, depending on the orientation of your room.

Dare to experiment! After all, your fireplace can be the source of light in both the summer and the winter.

Paint a new color

How about changing the color of your mantlepiece once in a while? It doesn’t take much paint, and you can repeat the process whenever the mood strikes.

How about this year’s Pantone color of the year, Marsala? Its deep earthy color is reminiscent of brick, but it also works as a gorgeous summertime shade with Navajo inspiration. Pair with turquoise and yellow accessories for a stunning, eye-catching effect.

Hang something else

The summertime is perfect for hanging flower garlands or rows of hand-sewn flags. Or remember the plant tip from the first idea above–place climbing vines along the top of your mantlepiece and let it grow horizontally.

Make a fun craft project for the kids during summer days by cutting different pieces of scrap fabric in a single shape to make a beautiful summertime garland. Or hand-sew a word or series of words that means something to you: family, love, beauty… and hang it for everyone to see.

Set up a reading nook

When the fire is out, it doesn’t mean you have to stop reading near the fireplace.

Set up a wicker chair with a throw for cooler nights, a little side table with some space for extra books or magazines, and a nice side lamp for when the sun goes out. Cover your mantlepiece with items and accessories that remind you of your favourite books or movies for creative inspiration.

What do you do with your mantlepiece?

When the holidays are over, what do you do with your mantlepiece? Do you just leave it as is for next year or change the decor to suit the seasons? Share your ideas with us and the Life At Home community in the comments!

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