Marble Tile Trends 2014

marble floor living room wine bottle yellow seats

Crema Perla marble flooring.

When he stepped back to admire the dazzling interplay between the light and stone in his completed work, I wonder if Michelangelo dreamed of a time, centuries later, when the very same delicate liquid licks of pattern that grace the surface of his chiseled masterpiece would tickle the soles of Nikes and swaddle iPhones in patterned plastic.

I mean, probably not. The sixteenth century did offer up some fairly pressing inquiries like, “when will bathrooms be inside?” and “will I live past 30?”

But I digress.

The fact remains that the timeless natural design of marble stands as an iconic pattern over five hundred years later. Proof of its prevalence, the many forms of marble can be seen today peppered throughout Pinterest in reams of multi-colored nail polish swirls, in addition to the many incarnations of crema marfil shaded onto shoes, pants, shirts, and even dresses.

No matter how you cut it, print it, or press it –marble will remain big in 2014.

A new spin on an ancient tradition

When thinking of a marble pattern, one typically envisions a polished, lightly hued backdrop with subtle and smoky rivulets of color wisped throughout; much like the pristine natural stone that sweeps the Taj Mahal in Agra. Although the same subtle white marble that boasts such elegance in the iconic Indian structure is still relevant today, the choice pattern for marble flooring in 2014 is of a more dynamic fare.

Let your floor move you

Taking a turn from the traditional, this year’s trends will shine a spotlight on bold cuts that deviate slightly from marble’s renowned humble sophistication, and embrace it’s unpredictable and ethereal metamorphic side.

rainforest marble tile flooring

“Rain Forest” marble tile on the Cabot label

With an emphasis on prominent veins and earthy hues, the décor objective of 2014 is to create the illusion of movement. By using vein cut tiles with large sweeping patterns, and arranging them with an overall cohesive visual in mind, one can actually draw the eye through an entire room when guided by a fluid layout. Plus, these vibrant cuts provide a refreshing and stylish deviation from the traditional can make your design unique, and punctuate a room with contemporary flare.

What’s your story?

Once you’ve accentuated the design flow of your room with a graceful yet captivating floor pattern, the challenge becomes maintaining engagement throughout the rest of your décor scheme, without over stimulating. To ensure an element of consistency across your entire design scheme, the wall trends for marble this year suggest viewing your home as layered narrative that encourages exploration of a space.

Is yours a short story or a novel?

The story motif of 2014 offers ample flexibility for a range of spatial and stylistic constraints. By playing with a variety of sizes and styles of marble tile in a single layout, one can add depth to any design and instill a dynamic essence in any room.

For example, covering a wall with elongated modern marble subway tiles and a single accent strip of mosaics of the same color creates an appealing interaction of shapes, without inundating the senses. Not only does this contribute to a cohesive theme that doesn’t clash with your vivacious flooring patterns, but this tip also serves as a great way to create an illusion of space in tinier quarters.

Don’t spoil the ending

To add yet another layer to the tale your design tells, try and feature a variance of texture in your marble arrangement. Monochromatic pantones of more subtly hued slabs allow colors to fade away to feelings. More specifically: all grey everything.

This year will see a rise in shading choices like “flume” and “smoke” that draw attention to unique shapes and textures. The muted tones of grey give way to rounded or wavy tile shapes, and brushed, hammered, and natural cleft finishes gain prominence in 2014.

fume grey marble tile flooring

“Fume grey” marble tile flooring.

Mixing different finishes of the same shades and using mosaic sheets with multiple levels are great tricks to telling a design story that doesn’t begin with, “Once upon a time there was an evil bathroom that gave all the townspeople sensory overload migraines.”

… And they lived happily ever after

With 2014 so blatantly promoting the importance of narrative in your design scheme, why not take the opportunity to make that story your own? Though the idea behind this year’s marble trends is to facilitate interplay between elements of your décor, why not expand that interaction to include you and the people you share your rooms with?

By deviating from a traditionally subdued presentation of marble, and implementing the bold vein cuts and dynamic textures suggested above, you can impart a lively sense of character into your décor and, if done successfully, even reflect a portion of your own personality.

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