Memorable and atmospheric natural stone tile

I was reading about tile recently, specifically how it really makes an impression that seems to last a long time, sometimes from childhood.

Read this Q&A by respected broadcaster and handyman Tim Carter, which outlines some great tips on how to approach the installation of a slate tile floor.

Image courtesty of Tandemracer. Click image to see more photos.

Image courtesy of Tandemracer. Click image to see more photos.

The impetus for the person asking the question of Tim sprang from a childhood memory of seemingly random-sized slate tiles in the home he grew up in.  Strange that the impressions that wall and surface textures seem to make remain from childhood like that.

When I was a kid, my daycare situation placed me in a home of an Italian-Canadian family, while my parents worked during the day.  And in their basement, they’d done a long corridor (or it seemed long at the time…) of slate tile for flooring and for wall tile too.  It had an authentically Old World sort of feel to it.  Even as I kid, I thought it was pretty sharp looking, and kind of mysterious too in a good way.

I remember the way the stone felt under my feet, and to the touch – a very tactile experience.  And it made the whole house seem stately, as if it had been there for centuries rather than decades.

For me, it’s the unique atmosphere, the effect that natural stone tile creates that makes up its prime value.  Of course, that it also adds some structural strength is a nice bonus too.  But, there is something about it that makes a good impression that lasts.  In reading the article, it seems I’m not alone in being able to remember and to appreciate the look and feel of natural stone tile from childhood up until now.



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