Merry Christmas 2014: 12 Days Of Christmas Cost Breakdown

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Merry Christmas one and all from us at BuildDirect!

By now you’re opening presents that your friends and family put a lot of thought into, and you’re seeing the faces of your loved ones light up as they open the treasures you’ve given them. Perhaps some of you may be experiencing some worries about January’s bills. Well, put it to the back of your mind.

It’s Christmas Day! It’s a time of peace and joy. And besides – the financial burden of your Christmas list could be a lot worse. Think about buying a gift for 12 days of Christmas rather than just the one, just like the song says. And speaking of which, here’s a cost breakdown of that particular Christmas list.

Take a look.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Infographic by herrimanjoe.

So, there you have it. True love should never be that expensive, or frankly be so bird-centric. How many birds does one person need, anyway?

When you think about it looking at the above 12 days of Christmas tally, you actually saved a bundle!

To you and yours from us at BuildDirect, have a great holiday season!


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