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Merry Christmas presents candy canes wood table

Merry Christmas! All of your holiday decor and decorating efforts have paid off! Enjoy it!


It’s Christmas Day!

By now, many of you are opening your presents and enjoying the warmth of family gatherings and memories of another year gone by. Your efforts in stylish home decor, storage and organization innovations, and fantastic logistical prowess when it comes to greeting guests and planning big holiday gatherings have all paid off. And now you’re enjoying the fruits of those labors!

Or, maybe you’re planning on having Chinese food for dinner and seeing Star Wars at the theater instead, just because there aren’t any line-ups today.

Merry Christmas!

Whatever your current activities or what your Christmas traditions happen to be, we at BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home wish you the very best. May your days be merry and bright. All Christmases being white is of course optional.

There will be more to come after today when it comes to how to redefine your home to suit you best. Look for some new stories about better homes and better living from us in the next few days and of course into an exciting New Year, 2016!

Until then, here’s a picture of a marshmellow snowman with pretzel sticks for legs hot-tubbing in a cup of hot chocolate.

marshmellow snowman in hot chocolate

Once again — Merry Christmas! And thank you for reading, clicking, and sharing!

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