Mosaic Metal Wall Tile: Tripping The Light Fantastic

Silver Matte cabot metal mosaic tile

Silver Matte cabot metal mosaic tile from BuildDirect.

Metal is fashionable right now, and what better to display that amazing material than with wall tiles?


When you think about metal in your home, you’re probably visualizing kitchen appliances, bathroom hardware, and maybe a piece of furniture or two. But there’s more to decorating with metal than these!

Metallic colors and textures are pretty trendy for 2019. They have a lustre and shine that’s striking in any kind of decor, whether you like brassy retro sink hardware or shiny ultra-modern stainless furniture.


Cabot Mosaic Tile – Metal Series Silver Brick Pattern

But something you may not have considered is something original and new: metal mosaic tiles. When glass isn’t shiny enough, and you can’t find an original shape to please your distinctive tastes, maybe metal tiles are just what will fit the bill.

And what I love to see with metallic decor is combining it with lighting for striking, original effects. Whether it’s natural sunlight hitting your kitchen backsplash, or wall sconces flooding light upwards towards the ceiling, you can take your decor to a whole new level by working with metal and lighting.

A little more about metal tile

Metal mosaic comes in a variety of shades, from brass and bronze to silver and stainless. It also comes in fantastic shapes that you couldn’t get with other materials, thanks to laser cutting.

Metal is a strong material that gives a sense of permanence and long-lasting support. It’s also moisture-resistant, which means that it’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens—but don’t let it limit your imagination. Install them anywhere flat and dry where you need some shine, like countertops.

Moreover, most metal tiles are actually “peel-and-stick”, which means that they’re really easy to install. Otherwise, they can be installed just like your typical wall mosaic, which is DIY-friendly.

Metal tile suits minimalist and ultra-modern styles, as well as industrial looks and even Neo-Victorian.

Using metal tile with lighting

As I explain above, my favourite thing to think about with metal tile is to match it with interesting lighting. Because of the ways metal reflects light, you can display really interesting effects with minimal effort.

If you have a fireplace, a nice idea would be to set up metal tile on a wall across the room to reflect the flames. Choose a warm tile color like bronze or brass to highlight the warm shades of the fire. The effect will be that of a striking fire reflecting in dozens of small tiles, bringing your whole living room to life.

Salerno Mosaic Tile - Peel & Stick Metal Series silver wave pattern

Gold wave pattern “peel and stick” metal wall tile. How much easier could it be?

In the kitchen, you could install lighting directly under your cupboards not only for good light when cooking, but also to reflect on your metallic tile backsplash. This will make your kitchen not only practical, but also beautiful when it’s not being used. Turn off all the lights except the cupboard ones, and let the light from the tiles fill your kitchen with a romantic sheen.

Bathrooms often suffer from lack of natural light because of small (or no) windows. Well, with metallic tile, you can improve that lot a little bit by using it to enhance whatever light you do get. If you choose a lighter color like silver or stainless, the metal won’t feel too dark or overbearing. Keep it to the upper half of your wall and paint the lower half in a complementary semi-gloss shade.

What about outside of the kitchen?

If you’re not scared of originality, I would even suggest you use metal tiles in your bedroom! Well, maybe not directly over the bed, but on an accent wall in a corner where light diminishes. You can set a nice standing lamp against it to highlight the shine of your metal mosaic, or wait for daylight to show it in all its glory. This makes for a strong, masculine, luxurious bedroom with minimalist style, but I can totally see it work.

Ready to shine?

Ever since I saw my first metallic tiles, I’ve been in love with them. So many possibilities, so many interesting shapes, and so many ideas to play with light and dark!

What do you think? Are metallic tile mosaics a thing you’d like to try, or a big no-no?

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