Decorating with Metallic Tile

When it comes to decorative tile, you’ll find everything from classic ceramic to solid stone, and even glass or metal. If you’re thinking of decorating with metallic tile, it can certainly add a sleek, modern element to any room of the home. Whether it’s a kitchen backsplash or a surround for your shower or bathtub, metallic tile adds a bright sleekness that you just can’t get with any other material.

The Benefits of Decorating with Metallic Tile

If you’re considering adding metallic tile to your home, it will bring a shiny touch and plenty of visual depth and dimension to a space. This type of tile looks especially striking in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, and it can really add a contemporary element to these otherwise mundane areas of your home. Since metallic tile comes in a range of materials, you can decide which finish will suit your décor needs best. For example, shiny tile has a bold industrial effect, while antiqued metallic tile will create a more rustic-inspired element in the space. Thanks to its versatility, you can decorate with metallic tile almost anywhere to add vibrancy to your home.

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Mirrella Ariya Series Interlocking in Shiny Stainless Steel

You’ll find plenty of metallic tiles made of real stainless steel, which is a common choice for kitchen backsplashes. Stainless steel tile matches stainless appliances quite well and gives your cooking space an industrial touch. While this material has been the most common choice for years, today you’ll find metallic tiles made of a variety of metals like bronze, copper, iron, and tin. One new option that’s becoming more favorable is a porcelain tile that looks just like metal. Since this material is crafted of porcelain, you can use for more than just accents. Install it as flooring or use it for a feature wall to give any room a bold, metallic shine.

When decorating with metallic tile, look for modern elements like a glass mosaic infused with metallic tones like bronze and copper. This choice will give you the durability of glass for a kitchen or bathroom while still enjoying the dimension and shine that metallic-based looks bring. Glass and metal tile are durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations, which makes them a fantastic choice for a kitchen backsplash. Since glass and metal are both quite smooth and have a nonporous surface, they’re also easy to clean and maintain.

Try These Metallic Tile Tips

Metallic tile is a super-modern choice that you can integrate into your home in different ways so it’s not overly “cold” in terms of aesthetics. Whether you use this type of tile throughout your home or just in one area, there are plenty of ways you can get creative when you’re decorating with metallic tile.

Cabot Porcelain Tile – Ferrous Series / SKU:15270985

•   Don’t be afraid to add some bold sophistication to your home with metallic tile. Thanks to its durable nature and easy maintenance, it’s great for more than just accents. Install some porcelain tile with a metallic finish in a hallway to make a visually striking statement in your home.  

•   If you want to do something a bit more understated, choose bright metallic tiles as an accent in a bathroom or kitchen space. Mix and match different tiles like glass and stainless steel together to create a dynamic, eclectic look.

•   Metallic porcelain tile also looks beautiful as a fireplace surround. Install this type of tile around your fireplace to give your living room a contemporary look that’s easy to maintain.

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COSMOPOLITAN Glass Stainless Mosaic Tile Blend in Sand

•   For a super-modern look, try a mosaic tile that combines colored glass with real metal for a fun touch in the home. This type of tile mixes and matches different materials, which helps the metallic tiles stand out amongst the glass.

•   Stainless steel tile comes in all kinds of fabulous shapes and designs so it’s a great option for a kitchen backsplash. Install stainless steel subway tile in your kitchen to give it an ultra-modern look that’s easy to keep clean and hygienic.

•   Install some metal mosaic tile in any room where you could use some extra brightness. Due to its reflective nature, installing metallic tile as a feature wall can make any space feel brighter as the light reflects off its surface. Use it for an accent wall to create a dramatic look in your favorite room.

Shade and Finish Selections

metallic tile
Solistone Micro Folia Glass Mosaic Wall Tile in Harvest

There was a time when decorating with metallic tile meant silver was your only option. Today, you’ll find this type of tile available in a wider range of finishes to give you a lot more versatility. Bright silver is still a great choice, but it’s best suited for modern spaces or areas where you prefer a more industrial look, such as a kitchen. To tone it down, try brushed nickel tile. Another beautiful finish is a deep, rich bronze. This color tile will add a subtle sheen along with a warm, inviting look to your home. Bronze tile is a wonderful choice if you like a more rustic, toned-down metallic element.

If glam is what you’re going for, decorate with metallic tile in brilliant gold or brass hues. This shiny finish makes any room look and feels a lot more luxe, and it’s a gorgeous choice for a bathroom in particular. Look for stone tile that you can mix with metallic pieces to create a vibrant pop of shine in space. The versatility of metallic tile makes it a fantastic way to bring a contemporary touch to your home. Try a tile that combines other materials like glass for a truly unique aesthetic. Whether it’s metallic-look porcelain tile for flooring or stainless steel subway format, decorating with metallic tile will take your home to the next level.


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