Minimalist Kitchen Design: A 21st Century Design Trend

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As we’ve established here on this blog, the kitchen is like the engine room of the house.

Think about it. It is the nerve center of activity and of family rituals around food. This means it’s a pretty busy place too, demanding some room to be made for multi-tasking.

Maybe this is why there’s been a trend in kitchens in the 21st century that leans toward more bare-bones, down-to-the-essentials designs. This doesn’t mean that kitchens have become austere, or dull. It’s just that many of them have embraced a more minimalist feel, even if the styles of kitchens remain pretty diverse.

But, what more to it is there when it comes to this trend of minimalist design in kitchens? Well, for that we’ve got this handy-dandy infographic for your consideration. Take a look!

BuildDirect_Minimalist_Kitchen_v1 copy

Once again, a key takeaway here is that our spaces and our moods and senses of well-being are linked. That’s how we know when a house (or apartment, or condo) has become our home; we just feel good when we’re there. It is an extension of our personalities, and our values.

So, in a time when so much demands are put on us as far as where we have to focus our attention, a place to prepare our meals that is open, uncluttered, and stylishly uncomplicated really does equal an oasis of calm. That’s true even if we’re busy in that space, and maybe even especially so.

Your kitchen

Does the minimalist kitchen appeal to you? Why, or why not?

Does your kitchen currently reflect a minimalist feel? How does this affect the way you interact in your kitchen?

What are some design additions you’d make to your kitchen  if you had your way?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.




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