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The most important elements in interior design have both practical and aesthetic benefits. One of those elements is the humble mirror, serving as a practical tool for our daily routines, and providing visual appeal for a space, too. Among other things, a mirror can serve an interior by affecting how light interacts with the space, and also by providing an artistic surface by way of decorative, or quietly stylish frames.

But, the placement of mirrors is a subtle art. Besides the obvious places, where do you put your mirrors where they will render the most benefit? Guest writer Kelly Nicole, writing on behalf of MirrorMate frames, is here to reflect (pun intended!) on this very thing …


Nothing can change the appearance of a room quicker than a mirror can. Mirrors are a basic accessory that adds beauty and opens up a space. Using mirrors can make a room appear bigger, without even lifting a hammer or nail.

Now, we all know the usual places to put mirrors. One by the door to check your reflection on the way out of the house. One over the sink in the bathroom to shave or apply make up in the morning. One full length mirror in the bedroom to get dressed with each morning.

But are there any unexpected places that mirrors might work for you? Listed below are a few places that mirrors look great, but you may not have thought about yet in your decor.

Over a Desk

If your desk in your home office faces a wall, a mirror hung above it allows you to keep an eye on things that are happening around the room. Many times offices are decorated with heavy furniture and accessories making an office feel small, but using a mirror is a good way to offset that, making it appear larger than it is.

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Over a Fireplace

Putting a mirror over you fireplace, no matter what size the room is will add a touch of warmth and class. A framed mirror over the fireplace will reflect and amplify any interior lighting you have in the room already. The larger the mirror, the larger the reflection, so don’t be afraid to go big on this one!

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Down a Long Hallway

Applying this decorators’ secret to using mirrors will change the entire look of what used to be a dark, gloomy hallway. The mirror will take any light that you do have in the hallway, and magnify it. If you have any windows in your hallway, try putting the mirror opposite the window in order to double the amount of natural light you get in that space.

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On a Table

Don’t be limited by placing your mirrors only on walls, try laying them on the top or gluing to the sides of a table for a unique look. If you place a mirror on the table, an idea of placing candles on the top not only shows off your candles, but doubles the amount of light they send out.

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In a Child’s Room

Who doesn’t love to look at themselves? Children do for sure! Whether it is dress up or singing a song, children love to catch a glimpse of what they really look like in a mirror. From infants to teenagers, mirrors are a sure fire bet for a child’s room.

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Thanks, Kelly!

Kelly wrote this post on behalf of MirrorMate Frames, which offers a solution on how to frame a mirror by attaching beautiful frames to boring, builder grade mirrors. This DIY mirror framing system, frequently used on bathroom mirrors, can be installed in 20 minutes and comes in over 65 different frame styles, including frames for wood mirrors, to complement any type of décor.



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