Mirrors As Accent Pieces

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Whether we’re talking appealing to our vanity, or the encouragement of more natural light diffusion in a space, the mirror has been a part of life at home for a very long time. Sometimes, a mirror can act as a focal point to a room. At other times, mirrors play a more supportive role in a home decor layout.

To speak to this latter element, writer and mirror expert Kelly Nicole returns to address the potential of the mirror, and the mirror frame, as an accent piece.


When professional decorators discuss decorating your home, first there are the big ticket items like the furniture and the paint colors that can drastically change the look and feel of a room. These things give the room sustenance and a base around which to build the entire room.

Then there are the small things like rugs, clocks, artwork, and mirrors that add much needed details, pop, or accents to a room. The beauty of accents are that there are literally thousands of ways to use them in a room, none of them the same! Mirrors are just one popular way to work with what you already have in the room and to help in creating a distinct style of your very own.

Functional mirrors

One of the greatest things about using mirrors as accents in any room of your house is that they are functional and multipurpose. Not only can you use them to create more light and brighten up a room, but they can also be incorporated into elements such as coat racks or plate racks that will hold things and keep them off the ground as well. Of course, having a mirror to check your appearance before you leave the house never hurts either.

Mirror strips

Mirror strips are an idea to accent a more modern decor and can help make a small room appear much larger. Mirror strips are simply long pieces of a mirror that are hung vertically or horizontally to visually help increase the space that you are working with.

Mirror frames

One of the best ways to update a boring flat mirror is to add a frame to it. The great thing about adding your own frame is that the combinations are endless and there is sure to be one that fits your style and decor.

Kitchen backsplash

While some people put tile over their counters, have you ever thought about using mirrors? Not only would it be a cheaper alternative, but also take the light from your kitchen and reflect it back for better light for slicing and dicing. If you have a small or cramped kitchen, there is also the added bonus that a mirror back splash would make your kitchen look larger and more spacious.

Traditional mirrors

Of course, there is nothing wrong with accenting your room with a mirror in a more traditional way. Over the fireplace, in the entry way, and in a dark corner are often where mirror accents are found, and with good reason! Opening up a space and drawing attention to a focal point is a specialty of mirrors in the home and should not be underestimated.


Thanks Kelly!

Kelly Nicolle wrote this  piece on behalf of  MirrorMate, which offers a solution on framing a mirror by attaching beautiful frames to boring, builder grade mirrors. This DIY mirror framing system, frequently used for bathroom mirrors, can be installed in 20 minutes and comes in over 65 different custom mirror styles, including wood mirrors, to complement any type of décor.




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