Mirrors That Mirror Your Style

Just because mirrors  can be a mundane household object doesn’t mean they can’t reflect your unique personality. Knowing this, we’ve compiled a gallery of unique mirrors that say more than meets the eye – these are mirrors that mirror your style!


The Hippie

Possibly the most ‘far out’ mirror on this entire list, here’s a mirror for the hippie at heart. Featuring all-natural wood in a uniquely organic yet psychedelic shape, this mirror says that you’re a product of the free lovin’ 60s and 70s.

The Film Buff

Whether you’re an old school photographer that develops your own film or a major movie buff with a keen eye for good cinema, this film-like mirror with its sprocket holes and all says that you’re a person with a passion for the visual arts.

The Artist

Speaking of the arts, only a deeply artistic person with a grand appreciation for abstract design could rock this uniquely bizarre mosaic mirror that looks like Nickelodeon’s rendition of a Picasso.

The Animal Lover

It doesn’t take a genius to derive that anyone willing to place penguin-shaped mirrors amongst the otherwise posh décor must be an animal lover – it’s the only explanation for these animal oddities!

The Rococo

With an ornately classic rococo mirror such as this, the frame shape either says that you’re a person of extreme elegance and grace that is living in the wrong era of time or you’re the Evil Queen from Snow White you’re your sake, hopefully the former).

The Hopeless Romantic

There is really only three valid explanations for featuring a cutesy heart-shaped mirror such as this: It’s Valentines Day, you’re a 12-year-old girl or you’re a hopeless romance-novel-reading romantic.


The Scrapbooker

Between the vibrant colors, the playful patterns and the DIY nature of this vintage collage, there’s something about this particular mirror that absolutely screams scrapbooking soccer mom.

The Minimalist

Although many of these mirrors are ultra creative and stylistically loud, most anyone can still appreciate the less-is-more approach. That said, for all of the minimalists in this world, here is your no frills mirror of choice.

The Ornate

For every minimalist there is an extremist and, in this case, it’s in the form of a lavish mirror that’s more bling than necessary. Yes, between the statuesque female figure, the overly ornate frame and the shimmering gold, this mirror is for the flamboyant at heart.

The Contemporary

With all of these unique mirrors, we’ve forgotten to mention the clean contemporaries of the world. Ever classic with its glistening metals and subtle funkiness, the owner of this mirror is a modern stylist with an appreciation for straight-lines and order.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of unique mirrors – there are all kinds of mirrors in this world so if you weren’t able to identify with one of these, may you find the perfect mirror that mirrors your style!

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