Modern Bathrooms: Five Essential Features

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Once you’ve decided on the design and effect of your bathroom, it’s time to consider what sorts of features to include. To help with this, writer Terry Showers is here to outline some of the modern features she feels are essential to the modern bathroom.


The bathroom of a house is often the only room in the house with a sense of pure relaxation and it should be seen as a priority to add touches of luxury to when decorating. There are some amazing luxury features to be seen in world-class bathrooms including feature fireplaces, walled fish tanks, Jacuzzis, personal saunas as well as his and hers vanity dressers with sinks. Naturally these features are quite often out of the price range or space availability for many. It’s therefore important to identify alternative areas on which focus can provide a luxury feel to a bathroom within the available budget and space.

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, and therefore should be designed around your requirements and with an element of personalisation. This article highlights five features which should be considered when designing your own luxury bathroom and will help you to create a personal sanctuary getaway within the house in order to add a smile to your day, everyday.

Walk-in shower

Installing a walk in shower provides extra showering space and a more contemporary look. If your bathroom is small a versatile wet room can add the illusion of more space. The sleek appearance and ease of use offers a luxury feel. The luxury feel comes from a less cramped shower experience as there will be no more smacking of elbows against the wall/screen. A walk in shower or wet room will be a great luxury alternative option to using more traditional space hungry bathroom fittings.

Themostatic Shower

Regardless of your space and installation, thermostatic showers add an essential luxury feel and will maximise the pleasure of your daily shower experience. There are attractive and elegant thermostatic shower designs available and they can be installed in your bathroom easily. A thermostatic mixer shower will maintain the water temperatures once set by the user, offering luxurious protection from fluctuating water temperatures and scalding water.

Heated Bathroom mirrors

This one is for the boys, who find it easier to shave after a shower has softened the hair follicles. Naturally this can be a lot harder when the steam from the shower causes a misted mirror and therefore makes it difficult to get a clean shave. I’m sure most of us are familiar with using a towel to wipe the mirror which only works for a temporary fix. The best way create a more luxury and user-friendly experience is to install a heated mirror. This works as before the mirror has a chance to steam up the warm pad located behind the mirror heats it up just enough to demist the mirror for the perfect close shave.

LED tiles and door handles

In order to add a personalised feel to your bathroom you can selectively use LEDs to highlight features, within tiles or even for a busy signal in the door handle. The star like quality that a few carefully placed LEDs can provide is a sure fire way to add a luxury feel to your bathroom.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating adds a luxury finish to any bathroom. We all know that the shock of a cold floor after some luxury relaxation time in the tub or a long hot shower is almost enough to undo all the good you’ve just done in relaxing yourself! You can benefit from warm, cosy tiles under your feet first thing in the morning right through to last thing at night. The warmth fills the whole room allowing the area to dry out quickly and effectively. A heated floor once installed frees up the space used by traditional heating systems.

Bathrooms with a hint of luxury

Whether you are into modern or traditional designs there is definitely a creative and unique luxury theme that you can surely find for your very own bathroom. So have some fun and give your bathroom a hint of luxury within its next makeover!


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