Modern Ceilings That Make A Statement: An Infographic

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The ceiling is an unsung element in your space. But, it can have a powerful, transformative effect when you add color and texture to it. Here’s what we mean.


When it comes to style and opening up a world of possibilities in a space, a good place to start is with the most basic elements. And what is more basic than your ceiling?

The ceiling sometimes gets the short shrift. This is probably because it’s not exactly the focus when you walk into a room. But, it often has a powerful effect, even if it’s not dramatic or obvious. What do I mean by that?

Well, take a look at this infographic below based on a piece written by regular BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home columnist Anabelle Bernard Fournier.

BuildDirect_Ceilings_v1 copy

Which ceiling style resonates with you? Tell us about it in the comments

Are your ceilings a bit drab? What among the above have you considered?

What effects and treatments aren’t listed above, but should be?

Which ones would you never consider in your space, and why?

Tell us all about it in the comments.



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