Modern Sheds with Cork Flooring Go Beyond Storage

In days of yore – the 1970s, early 80s, and up until recently – what sprang to my mind when the word ‘shed’ was mentioned was an institutional green and white cube fashioned out of sheet metal, with a sloping roof covered in leaves.  When you opened the door, it was as if someone was playing a tympani solo.  And inside, it was a little enclosed area full of bikes, rusted gardening tools, garden hoses, hockey nets, spider webs, and dead bugs.  In short, it was like a giant outdoor closet, a ‘land of the lost’.

Yet, lately the idea of a shed has gone beyond that – except at my house of course where it’s still a land of the lost, or at least of the jumbled and not-very-organized. In any case, a shed is more than a tacked on enclosure for your stuff.  It’s becoming a separate space of its own, used as workspaces, home offices, and as places of contemplation away from the hectic business of household cares.  And what do you know, some of them even feature cork flooring!

The Seattle Times has run a story about modern sheds as chic outdoor spaces, showcasing a local firm called Modern-Shed, descriptively enough.  The idea came out of a renovation of a 1940s home which had been scheduled for demolition, and a lack of storage space therein.  In solving the problem of a lack of space, married architects Ryan Grey-Smith and Ahna Holder designed a shed, separate from the main property and with a life of its own as opposed to a strictly practical addition. The idea for their own space proved to be an idea for their business.  Since launching the business, they’ve received attention from print media, as well as TV shows like HGTV’s I Want That.

The sheds they offer range in price, depending on the tastes and requirements of the client. They offer eco-friendly choices, which include the aforementioned cork flooring tiles, which not only provide a green flooring surface, but also provide natural heat insulation and sound dampening qualities.  Check out the Modern-Shed website for more information about prices and services.



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