Modern, Unexpected Textures With Wall Paneling

Decorative wall paneling

Panasphere Aura Stone Surfaces Decorative Panel from BuildDirect.

Is something missing in your decor, but you’re not quite sure what? Maybe you need wall paneling.


When I think about wall decor, I usually have two ideas in mind: paint or wallpaper. They are mainly cheap, easy to use and can bring a wide variety of decor styles to life.

But sometimes, flat paint or wallpaper isn’t what we really envision. Sometimes we want something with texture, like a brick wall or wood paneling. Sometimes we want more color, or rough-hewn wood like the sides of a or an old farmhouse.

Sometimes we want something unexpected, whether we’re going for modern or for traditional. Sometimes we just want a little variety, and paint and wallpaper just won’t cut it.

Sometimes what we need is wall paneling.

Benefits of wall paneling

Wall paneling is an easy way to add some extra flair to your home decor. It’s DIY-friendly and easy to install. The styles range from eye-popping statements to subtle support for other elements of your home.

Decorative wall paneling can be used on surfaces as large or small as you wish. Need a few panels around a fireplace? Want to cover your entire bathroom walls in something evocative? Require something with special qualities, like resistance to humidity? There’s a wall paneling style for you.

Decorative wall paneling

Panasphere Burl Composite Wood Decorative Panel “Ash” from BuildDirect.

Very flexible, stylish and professional, wall paneling is the solution when paint or wallpaper just isn’t enough.

Modern styles with wall paneling

Decorative wall paneling is suited to every style. A modern look is easy to get with the right kind of decorative wall paneling.

For something smooth and minimal, choose something like the Panasphere Aura Stone, which brings the look of a stone wall to any space in your home. Stone walls have a character that’s difficult to imitate with other materials or prints; nothing can quite imitate the subtle changes in color and the way light reflects on the surface.

Neutral wood panels is also a nice way to add some texture to a modern space. Make your walls flow from the floor by choosing a similar color. Panasphere Burl Composite Wood Decorative Panel in Ash is a light-colored wall panel that’s perfect for framing elements of your living room, like the television, art or decorative items in wall sconces.

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Artisanal styles with wall paneling

Although interior wall paneling can do great for modern styles, where it really shines is for rustic, artisanal styles. Instead of knocking down your walls to rebuild them in brick or wood, you can simply cover whatever walls you currently have with your choice of panel.

And it’s not just about the material: it’s also about the many, many textures you can get. One popular item lately at BuildDirect is the Grafton Old Boat wall paneling. The bright colors and handmade surface is perfect for when you need a touch of rugged in your living room or bedroom.

Decorative wall paneling

Grafton Wall Paneling – Barn Wood Collection “Tobacco Western Cedar”.

If you like the look of old barns, Hewn Wall Paneling in Barn Red will impress you. The distressed appearance is perfect for rustic, industrial or boho styles. You can bring your childhood’s farmhouse summers back with you in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. And the red color is subtle yet noticeable, giving your walls a nice touch.

Decorative wall panels can create unique patterns… without having to set each brick, stone or wood piece by hand. A great example is Carrick Wall Paneling in Quicksilver–a beautifully varied, always unique set of poplar planks that can you can use to have that “cabin in the woods” look… without having to actually buy a cabin.

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Make a change with wall paneling

Decorative wall paneling is affordable, easy to use and full of style. Whether your decor preferences are modern or traditional, a wall paneling can help bring your favourite textures to life: brick, stone, plank and wood walls are all easy to install.

I love how easy it is to change the look of a room with paneling. Sometimes it’s the one thing that’ll make a big difference and will add just the missing touch between a boring room and something fantastic.

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