Moisture Levels and Hardwood Floors

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It’s been said numerous times, here and pretty much everywhere else, that high levels of moisture and hardwood flooring do no mix.  The point is underscored in this article about moisture levels and hardwood floors from the Washington Post.  The article responds to the question of high levels of moisture in a crawlspace beneath a proposed hardwood flooring installation.

It seems to me from all of the articles I’ve read about hardwood flooring installation that half of the key to success is in the groundwork, so to speak.  It is a vital step to consider the site of your project, and check it out thoroughly before choosing and buying hardwood flooring.  As the article suggests, it’s important to get the opinion of a professional, sometimes more than one, to make sure that you’ve got a good basis for success.

Hardwood flooring image courtesy of emdot.  Click image to view Flickr stream.

Hardwood flooring image courtesy of emdot. Click image to view Flickr stream.

This is particularly true when it comes to moisture, which can be the undoing of your hardwood floor installation.  It’s important to remember that hardwood floors are natural products, subject to their environment more than most materials.  But, when the research and preparation work has been done, the addition of natural materials like hardwood can deliver the type of transformation which is unparalleled.



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