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Sometimes you need a change, even if it’s one only you notice. A pick-me-up, if you will–perhaps a small decor change that makes a big difference. Or, maybe it’s an easy do-it-yourself project that lets you get your hands busy to take your mind off things. It may only take a few hours to craft something that will make you happy every time you enter a room.

Here’s a handful of design ideas that may seem simple, but just might do the trick.


New upholstery on older pieces

Re-upholster a faded or forgotten piece and breathe some life into it. It’s easier on the wallet than buying more furniture, while creating a big stylistic change out of something you already have. There’s a wealth of fabric options available, varying in texture, pattern, and color. If you’ve chosen a durable, well-structured piece of furniture you know you’ll be happy with for years, then you can update your fabric to suit your tastes as they evolve.



Create a statement piece with a bold and bright pattern and add something truly unexpected. If you’re not usually a risk-taker, this is the perfect starting place. Upholstery can be temporary, and you can use this chance to experiment.

lavender upholstery


Or, opt for a more traditional look and cover an entire set of furniture in a new pattern. Or, if you’ve collected an assortment of mismatched pieces from flea markets, for instance, you might unify the different styles with similar fabric or colors for a delightfully eclectic look.

Polish up a sparse bedroom with a headboard

If you find your bedroom is sparse, a simple feature that can make significant impact is the headboard. If you’ve got plain sheets and want to spruce up your room, a headboard can help bring a little polish to the room.

door headboard


You don’t have to go with the traditional metal or wood variety. Instead, you could opt for something that is a creative twist on the expected. For example, paint an abandoned door and prop it up sideways, as seen in Remodelaholic’s tutorial. It’ll feel good to make something new and beautiful out something old and unwanted.

headboard decal


For a simpler option, use wallpaper or fabric to construct a headboard decal that can easily complement any existing decor. It’s not a permanent change, which might be perfect if you’re in a temporary space or are just looking to try something new.

Feature favourite items as unexpected decor

Whatever you’ve collected over a lifetime of travel and experience, display it in a place that brings a smile to your face and starts conversations with visitors. What do you like to collect? What represents your favorite memories of childhood, of the beach, of backpacking through a foreign country? Whether it be postcards or guitar picks, there’s always a place to show what you love. Arranging them on the wall brings interest to a blank space, and allows you to feature favorite collections.

plates on wall

Photo: BHG via

This whimsical current of plates brings joy to a lonely white wall. Be surrounded by your favorite things.

Bring elegance to something plain

Create the impression of elegance with faux adornments that accentuate an already-existing facet of your home.



What book would not love to live here? DesignSponge’s tutorial  shows you how to create the impression of arched bookshelves. Though they are a façade, they certainly give your most treasured books the home they deserve.

Fresh flowers offer natural beauty

Even though they won’t last forever, there’s nothing like walking into a room with fresh flowers. Add a pop of colour and fragrance and enjoy them while they last.

flowers white room
Photo: Catherine Gratwick via


Sometimes you don’t need to redo the entire room to give it new life. Little changes can make a difference, and I hope they make you happy.

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