More About Bamboo Laptops

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Happy New Year, bamboo junkies!

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about bamboo laptops which at the time I thought was an unusual product.  Yet, since then I’ve seen quite a few examples of this example of old-world technology meeting with new.  And it seems that the use of bamboo for laptop frames have a few more practical uses than I thought.

Here’s an article about bamboo laptops which talks a bit more about how bamboo laptops are making a fashion statement, but also seeing to certain safety issues too.  According to the article, a lot of laptops, when discarded and replaced by this year’s model, are sent to the Third World where they are often stripped for parts.

The laptops are burned, and the metals left over are sold.  But, burning a plastic laptop frame  of course has a number of environmental and health concerns attached.

In addition to looking stylish then, many of these bamboo frame laptops are designed to be easy to disassemble, and use less materials which are likely to cause issues when the laptops are harvested for parts, or reused by recycling the materials.  Once again, bamboo is a tool for innovation, not just because of how it looks, but for all kinds of practical considerations too.

Does anyone out there own one of these?  If so, how does it differ from the standard laptop?  Are you menaced by pandas at all?  Tell me all about it!



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