More About Bamboo Shelters

When something works, it works.

And bamboo as a sturdy and lightweight material is proving to be the answer to sustainable and easy-to-produce temporary shelters.  Here’s yet another example.

A group of architectural students from the University of Queensland in Australia have designed a temporary shelter for use during a natural disaster, with bamboo serving as its frame.  From the article:

Civil engineering student and team co-ordinator Ryan Cantrill said bamboo was chosen because it was efficient in carrying loads, light weight, used less energy than steel, concrete or timber and had excellent strength and stiffness properties.

“Initially our ideas were focussed on designing a fancy bamboo structure. However, we started researching this material in terms of where it grows naturally, and started to realise that it is native to regions of recent natural disasters,” Mr Cantrill said.

I think this last point is particularly important – that bamboo is not only sustainable as well as tough, but it’s also highly accessible in the areas that are hit by natural disasters.


Hurricane image courtesy of Au_tiger01

Read the full article and check out more of the details, including an image of the design, winning third place in the contest sponsored by the International Association for Shells and Spatial Structures (IASS).



Bamboo is also used to make floors!

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