More about flooring emissions standards

In January, I wrote a post about emissions standards for bamboo flooring.  It’s a pretty important area of discussion which is ongoing.  This isn’t just about bamboo flooring.  It’s about all building materials that use any kind of binding agent, which is a pretty wide range of products.

To review some of the more general guidelines to think about when you’re buying flooring, bamboo floors in particular in this case,  here’s BuildDirect Co-Founder Rob Banks on the subject:

The CARB (California Air Resources Board) standard that Rob makes reference to came into effect this year at an emissions limit 0.08 ppm (parts per million), around the time I wrote that initial post.

To date, E1 and E0 have been a pretty good baseline standards for bamboo and other types of flooring.  So, when shopping, this is the standard to ask about.  By 2011, phase 2 CARB  compliance for laminates, bamboo, and engineered floors will be an emissions limit of 0.05 ppm .

The European standards represent  safe emissions levels in flooring and other products, used as they have been for many years.  But, the ultimate goal is to reduce emissions to zero.  So, the CARB standards represent a movement toward that goal.

The burden of CARB compliance is on manufacturers like us to ensure compliance to that standard, not on the consumer.  This is of course how it should be.  But as Rob says, this is information for you the consumer to keep in mind when choosing vendors and their products.

Read more about emissions standards specific to bamboo floors at Teregren.



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