More Creative Ways To Re-Define A Spare Room

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Making better use of a spare room or any room is a common goal. But, here are some ways to really think outside of the box when it comes to re-defining rooms.


Do you have a room that you never use? While you could turn it into a home gym or sewing room, both great ideas of those things are your passions, we urge you to think outside of the box. Opting for a room filled with train sets or photography sounds a little more appealing than work out equipment, don’t you think? So instead of letting this room collect dust, try one of these unique yet elegant ideas.

Room Idea #1: Wine Room

Whether it be a dedicated wine cellar or wine storage area, showcasing your fine collection of wines is a classy and popular way to re-purpose an unused or otherwise drab room.

From classic to contemporary, there are a variety of room designs and storage units that will fit your space and style. Plus, you will be the talk of the town when your friends and neighbors realize what excellent taste you have in wine!

Room Idea #2: Personal Wet Bar Room

wine and booksA den, office space, alcove, or formal dining room all make great spaces for a personal bar area. Not only can you display different types of drinks and glasses but this is a great idea if you love to frequently entertain family and guests!

Room Idea #3: Collection Room

From sports memorabilia to train sets to dolls and figures, most people have a collection of a favorite item. Instead of storing them in a high bookshelf, or worse, in boxes, put them on display for everyone to see! Turn your unused room into a collection room by proudly displaying your prized possessions. Take it a step further and decorate walls, rugs, and furniture to match the theme of your collection.

Room Idea #4: Themed Room

Colors, animals, patterns, and prints are some of the all-time favorites when it comes to decorating. While these styles might not suit your kitchen or living room, you can certainly show your flair elsewhere! Turning a den, spare bedroom, or new bathroom into your “blue,” “lobster,” or “polka dot” room will not only revamp your space but it can turn this unused room into your new favorite room.

Room Idea #5: Movie-Set Replicate Room

From Titanic to Gone With The Wind to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, some of our favorite movies can inspire our interior design. Whether you find a few small items that represent your favorite movie or completely replicate your room to identically match one from the movie, this unique idea will be the highlight of your home. Who wouldn’t want to eat in a dining room that looks like the one used by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet?!

Room Idea #6: Photo Gallery Room

While many of us decorate tabletops, bookshelves, and staircases with photos, we don’t often think of dedicating an entire room to them. From wildlife portaits to big cities to cherished family photos, showcasing your interests, vacations, or family in a room is a great way to show off your personality and interests.

And voila, there you have it — your unused room will now be one filled with character and flair.


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