More green solutions: the people-powered gym

One of the things which characterizes bamboo flooring is how well the process makes the most of natural resources and how it’s generally known as an environmentally-conscious choice when shopping for flooring.  And one of the things I always come across when thinking about bamboo are stories about how the imaginations of people have been fired up to the point where they take a crazy idea, turn it into a reality, and sort of transform it into something which isn’t so crazy after all. I’m mean when you think about it, making a tall grass into a floor sounds absurd, doesn’t it?  Yet, look how popular bamboo floors have become.

Luckily, bamboo flooring is just one example of green thinking, and execution.  I’ve had a lot of fun finding out about things like this.  This time around, I’ve discovered a number of stories about where are being called ‘people-powered gyms’, which are what they say they are on the tin.  Remember that episode of the Muppet Show, when Doctor Bunsen Honeydew of Muppet Labs hooks his assistant Beaker up to a treadmill to keep the power on at the Muppet Theatre – ‘Beaker Power’?


Well, the idea of a people-powered gym works just like that, although no ferocious tigers are released to make tired treadmill users run faster when the lights start dimming (unlike Beaker’s situation).  No, the power in the building is still running about 60%-70% by traditional means, with the people in the gym making up the difference.

Take a look at this article from the LA times about people powered gyms which explains things in greater detail.



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