More news about safe granite countertops

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To serve as a bit of a follow-up from a post by Gratian about the safety of granite countertops in the home, here’s a link which talks about EPA approval of granite countertops as a “biologically inert natural stone for usage of various types indoors.”

I guess I’m a bit worried about giving this issue too much exposure, but I have to say that I’m dumbfounded just how sensationalist mainstream media has become. And I think since people are still talking about this, I’d throw in a few thoughts in response.

In scouring Youtube for cool instructional videos having to do with countertops (see my last post – I actually found a few!), I was confronted with more exposure to what I personally consider to be fear mongering on network TV. I saw one video clip from what looked like a morning show, with a close-up of some equipment that looked (and sounded) like a Geiger counter, sitting on top of a chunk of granite. The words “dangerous” and “cancer” bandied about between host and guest ‘expert’, along with some technical jargon without the support any real evidence (the burden of which is firmly on those making the claims…) linking granite to real world health problems and specific instances of illness. The fear was the story, in my view. It’s a worrying trend in general.

Despite my point of view here, I know that there is still a fence with people (even readers here) on either side of it. There is as much suspicion out there of sellers of products (like us!) as there is of sensationalist tendencies in the press. Feel free to continue leaving comments, people. It keeps us honest.



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