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In doing a little more research for a customer about stain treatments, I came across a little nugget by Maurizio. He reminds us that there are essentially 5 types of stains, and the method and products used to fix them vary based on the type of stain you have. The 5 types of stains are:

  1. Organic stains (i.e. coffee, tea, coloring agents of dark sodas and other drinks, gravy, mustard, etc.)

  2. Inorganic stains (i.e. ink, color dies, dirt – water spilling over from flower and plant pots, etc.)

  3. Oily stains (i.e. any type of vegetable oil, certain mineral oils – motor oil, butter, margarine, melted animal fat, etc.)

  4. Biological stains (i.e. mildew, mold, etc.)

  5. Metal stains (i.e. rust, copper, etc.)

To see the full article and how to treat each of the different types of stains, see the full article HERE.

In reading over this list, we can see a few obvious issues. The first, if you have a travertine paved driveway, don’t change your oil on it. Accidental spills are a lot more difficult to clean up than on concrete. The second, if you were at Costco stocking up on 50 lb bags of Doritos and decided to grab a hot dog on your way out, wipe that spilled ketchup off your travertine before it has a chance to leave an organic stain. Mmmmm…hot dogs.

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