More tales of hardwood beneath carpeting: sanding

Expanding from some of the stories I’ve found about hardwood flooring covered by carpet for decades, I found this blog about uncovering and refinishing wood floors that talks about a renovation that was done when a smaller refinishing job in a spare bedroom turned into a  sanding extravaganza on the second floor of their home.  You’ll notice that there’s a lot of talk about how intense a job sanding hardwood flooring can be.  Yet, with the help of friends and a rented belt sander, they got the job done just fine.

Orbital sander for sanding hardwood flooringYou can see the results posted on the blog, along with a couple shots of some of the equipment they used, including a set of homemade knee pads (very nice), a shop vac, masks, a drum sander to get up all of the little bits of nothin’ on the floor (because the people who laid  the carpet over top of it used an awful lot of glue, and some paint besides…), an orbital sander for some of the corners and more detailed areas, and other important tools and safetywear.

At least when you work this hard on a flooring project, the benefits at the end are pretty obvious. Sanding a wood floor can be noisy and messy, but for uncovering a real hardwood floor to increase the visual value of a property, not to mention a financial one, it’s worth it to gather your buds, get some burgers, pizza, and fizzy beverages, and commence with the transformation.



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