Mosaic Floor Tiles Ideas to Inspire You

Mosaic tile is a fantastic choice for your walls, but it’s also a gorgeous option when it comes to flooring. From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, mosaic floor tiles lend color and texture to any space. With a variety of materials, colors, and designs to choose from, it may seem tough to navigate how to use these tiles as flooring in your home. Read on for some information and inspirational ideas that will encourage you to consider adding mosaic floor tiles to your favorite room.

mosaic floor tiles

Mosaic Tile Materials for Flooring

mosaic floor tiles
Salerno Porcelain Tile – Shale Series in Grey Natural / SKU: 15270070

Glass tends to be a popular choice when installing mosaic tiles on walls. However, for flooring, you will need to choose something a bit more durable like sturdy porcelain. This material is highly versatile, and it even comes in styles that resemble natural stone, like shale or travertine. Natural stone is another great option if you want to install mosaic floor tiles. This material is easy to keep clean and will add a rustic, natural element to the room. Stone looks stunning in a bathroom, hallway, or even when used to cover the floors of your entire living space. With porcelain tile, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of its many looks including textured, wood-look, and smooth surfaces. Both types of materials are an excellent choice for interior flooring.

Ideas & Inspiration

mosaic floor tiles
Salerno Coastal Travertine Collection – Porcelain Tile in Beige Hexagon Mosaic / SKU: 15249851

Whether you’re going for something in classic porcelain or high-end stone, the key is to make sure that your floors are unique. You can easily create your own looks with a little ingenuity and some beautiful mosaic tiles. Add some personality to your space. The sky is the limit when you create your new flooring. Come up with a few ideas ahead of time to help you visualize how everything will look once it’s installed. Browse the variety of colors, shapes, and materials available to inspire you to choose a mosaic tile that suits your style. Here are a few inspirational ideas to help you get started.

Create Depth

Feel free to mix large and small tiles together to create visual depth and dimension. Or, if you prefer, you can install just smaller tiles throughout. Keep in mind that large tiles made up of smaller tiles will make creating and installing your mosaic tile floor much easier.

Explore Color

Depending on your own style and preference, you can use a myriad of different shades and colors to give your home a fun pop. If you prefer something a bit more modern and streamlined, use monochromatic mosaic floor tiles for a cohesive, uniform look.

Think Outside the Box

mosaic floor tiles
Marbletiledirect Italian Carrara Arabesque Waterjet Mosaic in Contemporary / SKU: 15095094

Mosaic doesn’t have to be made up of a square-shaped tile alone. Get creative and look for unique geometric shapes like hexagonal, rectangular, or even rhombus. Beautiful arabesque shapes add elegance to your home. Something in a bold basketweave can bring tons of texture to the room.

Try Herringbone

One gorgeous way to incorporate a mosaic floor tile into your home is to create a herringbone pattern. This classic aesthetic brings just the right amount of drama to a room while elevating it to a higher level. Whether it’s light or dark, marble or porcelain, a herringbone pattern always looks amazing.

Get Creative

Thanks to the variety of shapes and patterns available, mosaic floor tiles can be installed in an intricate, elaborate design. Alternatively, you can create something understated and geometric-shaped. The choice is yours when it comes to the final pattern. Make sure you lay out your ideas and then try to envision how it will look when it’s covering the entire floor at once.

Prints & Patterns

mosaic floor tiles
Cabot Fiore Series Porcelain Tile in Ornate / SKU: 15270082

An easy way to create a mosaic-inspired look is to install ornate printed tiles on your floors. These unique tiles come in a gorgeous array of patterns and colorways that will instantly add exotic-inspired style to your home without the need to worry about placement, cutting, and creating a pattern.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you install mosaic floor tiles, draw out a few patterns on a large paper roll, then place the design onto your floors. This simple sketch will make it much easier to see how they’ll look once you have everything in place.

The Benefits of Mosaic Floor Tiles

Besides the availability of so many stunning materials, colors, and shapes, there are many other benefits to choosing a mosaic tile for your floors.


This option looks striking in a master bathroom, but it’s also an excellent choice for kitchens and entryways, too. Installing them in an entryway is a great option if you want to create a bold first impression for your guests. Mosaic tile adds drama and texture anywhere you choose to use it. From a hexagonal kitchen floor to a basketweave bathroom, this tile is a surefire way to create visually striking floors anywhere.

Easy Maintenance

When you choose tiles made of porcelain or stone, they’re very easy to clean and maintain. With a bit of care, your mosaic floor tiles should last for many years without the need for removal and reinstallation. A good way to prolong the life of your mosaic floors is to seal the grout regularly. This simple step will protect the tile and prevent excess dirt from building up between the sections or pieces that are on the floor.

Create Something Unique

One hot trend in flooring is the vintage-inspired aesthetic. With tiny mosaic tiles, you can recreate those vintage and antique floors of days gone by. Make a custom floor that features unique patterns, your initials, or any other image you choose by mixing and matching colors to create a fun final product.

Mosaic Floor Tiles

Thanks to its highly customizable format, it’s easy to see why mosaic floor tiles are a popular choice. Whether you want to install new flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, entryway or living room, these tiles will instantly add visual interest to your home. Look for stone or porcelain tiles that are easy to care for and will stand the test of time. Pick something in a fun, bold pattern, or go a bit more muted with tile in a classic square or rectangular shape. Most importantly, remember to get creative and enjoy the process as you find the perfect mosaic tile patterns and designs for your home.


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