Man’s Guide to DIY Projects For Mom

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We missed Mother’s Day this year. Typical guy stuff, we know.

Actually, we didn’t miss it per se. Our Moms knew how great we think they are, how much we love ’em, and how much their support over the years has come to mean to us. But, we really wanted to give everyone out there, particularly the guys,  a list of tips on how to make Mother’s Day special on this blog in time for the blessed day itself. Best laid plans …

The fact is that we appreciate our Mom’s no matter what day it is.  So, even though we’re late for the special day this year, consider this a guide to making Mom happy all year round with a few ideas of how to apply DIY and arts & crafts skills to projects and gifts designed to light up her eyes with joyfulness.

Or consider this a very early guide to Mother’s Day for next year. Yeah. That’s it …

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Rob Jones

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