Multipurpose Room Ideas: Making the Most of Limited Space

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multipurpose room ideas

You’ve got a deadline at work and there’s nowhere to take care of business at home. It’s the holiday season and you’re wrapping presents on the bed. Guests are coming to visit and you’re searching for a hotel even if you’d rather have them stay with you.

We’ve all been hit with the limitations of our homes at one time or another. Who says you need to take on a mega-mortgage for a massive mansion though? A multipurpose room might be all that’s required to make your current home a little more like your dream home.

Multipurpose rooms, often referred to as flex rooms, are spaces where you can tackle more than one activity. In undersized homes, these flexible spaces are essential. They can help you make better use of your space even if you’re not hurting for square footage though. Use this guide to pick up some smart multipurpose room ideas to help you in your home.

Create a Combination Office & Guest Room

home office guest room

Putting friends and family members up for the night or a weekend can be difficult even if you’ve got a reasonably sized home. After all, a lot of us don’t have an entire room to dedicate to guests. We need those rooms for offices, kids and daily activities! A combination guest room could be the perfect solution.

The home office and guest room combination is particularly popular since you likely won’t be burning the midnight oil in your home office when you’ve got guests in town. Of course, your guest room can be combined with anything else, including a home theater, music area, sewing space or craft room.

Here are a few tips to help you create a great combination office guest room:

  • Focus on getting a comfortable pull-out sofa or Murphy bed into your space. Make it a focal point in your room. You’ll find that you end up sitting on it regularly when going through paperwork or using your laptop in your home office.
  • Find ways to keep work essentials tidy. Wall shelves, storage desks and closet organizers can be a big help. You don’t want to have to spend hours tidying your office every time you have guests because it’s a mess of paperwork and half-finished projects.
  • Consider a corner desk if you have limited space. Corner desks can help leave more room to pull out a bed without altering your setup.
  • Pick pieces of furniture that can do double-duty in your room. Essentials like file cabinets can double as side tables next to your pull-out sofa.

Work Smart, Work Hard

home office gym

Combination home office and guest rooms are extremely popular because they combine two spaces that don’t get used around the clock. What about a space where you can get your work done and then get your workout in? A combination home office and home gym is an ingenuous concept that should be much more popular.

Here are some tips to help you create a space where you can break a sweat mentally and physically:

  • Try dividing your room into zones. How much of your room you use for your office and how much goes to your home gym is up to you. Need an idea to get started? Try 60/40 office to gym. It’s easy to move your desk chair out of the way if you need more workout space.
  • Opt for a small desk if possible. An L-shaped or corner desk can give you more surface area while leaving plenty of free space for exercise.
  • Find ways to organize workout gear. Buy a rack for free weights and kettle bells, keep yoga mats rolled up neatly in the closet and tidy small items like exercise bands into storage bins.
  • Add a lightweight rug to your room. This will make your space look and feel better, but it may be useful for some exercises too. A lightweight rug will also be easy to move out of the way if you need a hard floor for certain activities or would prefer to use a yoga or exercise mat for working out.

Use Your Finished Basement

A finished basement is a large space that has lots to offer. There’s a good chance you’re only using yours for storing holiday decorations, old window screens and furniture you can’t use but don’t want to get rid of though. While there’s nothing wrong with storage space, your finished basement can be so much more.

Use these multipurpose room ideas to create a fully-functional finished basement.

Create a Work/Play Space

Combination game rooms and home office areas can be a wonderful way to utilize a large finished basement. Use bookshelves to section off different areas and add storage at the same time.

Make Your Space Kid-Friendly

A finished basement can make for an excellent playroom where kids can have free reign with games and toys. Dedicated playrooms can also help keep your formal living room and family spaces tidy and relatively toy-free.

Entertain Your Family with a Home Theater or Music Room

Add comfortable seating and lots of shelving to store items like DVDs and home theater components. These rooms can also double as quiet reading areas if you add lots of shelving for your personal library.

Get Crafty

A barebones finished basement makes a great craft and art space for you and your family. Utilize storage racks, shelves and organizers to keep art supplies tidy.

Use Part of Your Basement for Laundry

You can keep this part of your basement tidy and hidden from view with freestanding shelves or a simple curtain.

Temporarily Repurpose Other Rooms

Life changes fast, and in some cases, you’ll find that you need a place to tackle some work or entertain visiting family members that you just don’t have set up at the moment. Temporarily repurposing other rooms to fit your needs is a smart use of your space. Here are a few ways you can use spaces in your home efficiently when the need arises.

Turn a Guest Room into a Home Gym

Dedicated guest rooms tend to have ample open space, allowing you to set up your yoga mat, free weights and more. Want a more permanent solution? Find ways to store these workout essentials in the closet to create a combination space.

Use Your Dining Room as a Makeshift Home Office

A large dining table is a great place to hunker down and get some work done if you’ve got a big project that needs finishing up after hours. You can even add shelving to make your dining room a work-friendly space every day of the year.

Multipurpose Room Ideas: Tips for a Functional Space

Read to use some of these multipurpose room ideas in your home? Here are a few tips to help you make your dual-duty space even more functional:

laundry cabinets
  • Add cabinetry to your multipurpose room. Cabinets are ultra-functional and add style to your room. Built-in styles bring value to your room even if you decide to convert it to a completely different type of space down the road.
  • Make vertical storage a priority.  On-wall shelving or tall bookshelves are a great way to get more storage space even in small rooms. Go as high as you can as long as you make sure to fasten your shelving to the wall for safety purposes.
  • Turn underused closets into useful spaces. Laundry machines are a great use of closets if you can have the right hookups installed.
  • Take time to make your space comfortable. Rugs, comfortable seating, throw pillows and decorative items go a long way. Don’t forget to update your lighting scheme as needed if you’re creating a work space, home gym or library.

Make the most of any space in your home with our multipurpose room ideas. If you need a home office or a guest room, combination spaces are a perfect. The same is true of home offices and gyms.

Utilizing other spaces like your finished basement should be a top priority too. These areas offer lots of square footage for fun and utilitarian tasks like doing laundry.

Need more some help building out your basement or getting your combination room in tip-top shape? Reach out to our trained professional representatives to get more multipurpose room ideas for your home. We’re here to help you make any space in your home fun, functional and family-friendly.

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