Murals Are An Eye-Catching Home Decor Surprise

When you think of murals, you might think of the large, lovely murals in grand churches, or the murals on the side of levee walls in the deep South. You might even think about murals that are on the side of buildings in almost every downtown area, those that were painstakingly created by an artist years ago and now have the weathered look of artwork that has been out in the elements for a very long time.

Why not bring the beauty a little closer to home? Murals are common sights in children’s playrooms, but why not take the look from the kiddie corner to the grown-up section of your place? Whether you want something grand and expensive or something within a very realistic budget, there is a mural out there for you.

Unique murals at any price

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What kind of mural are you looking for? Whether you want a lovely painted mural on the wall of your child’s bedroom or an honest-to-goodness tiled mural on your floor, there is always something to fit with your budget. Consider these options:

Painted murals

One of the most popular options for murals in the home, painted scenes can fit in anywhere. You might have painted scenes of wine and food in your kitchen, fish in your bathroom and fluffy clouds on your ceilings. Painted murals offer the advantage of adding to them as the years go by, changing them with a few new touches or covering them up with paint if you choose to get rid of the artwork.

Murals on the floor

If you are considering a tile floor, now is the time to put a mural under your feet. These heavy-duty murals are meant to last a lifetime. Usually created by a craftsman who specializes in such things, murals on the floor can take the form of almost anything you can imagine, though geometric designs remain one of the most popular options.

Artwork murals

Do you have kids who love to paint and draw? Collect their artwork until you have enough to cover an entire wall. Then you can do one of two things: Contact a local artist and ask them to recreate your child’s work on the walls, or affix the artwork itself to the wall and cover it with a clear, thin piece of plastic for protection. These artwork murals can create a wonderful conversation piece while keeping your child’s artistic history front and center.

Stick-on murals

For those on a serious budget, stick-on murals are available from your local discount store. These murals are often inspirational sayings or small decals that look great grouped together. Combine two or three of them along a wall to get the effect of inspirational sayings painted along your way. Best of all, these are usually removable, so they can be used in apartments without worry about damaging the walls. To be sure, take a good look at the directions before you apply the artwork.

Wall coverings

If you have a lovely old photograph that you want to blow up to cover your entire wall, there are plenty of companies that specialize in doing just that. Imagine that cherished photograph you took in elementary school, blown up to cover an entire wall of your home.


The sky is the limit with these options! You could use photographs of your beloved pets, your family portrait, an interesting shot from your last vacation or even your wedding photograph. If you want a mural that will still allow you to change the other decor in your home, go with a black and white photo.

Murals that bring the outside in

Keeping with the photograph theme, a nature scene that covers an entire wall can look just like a plate glass window through which you are seeing the outside world. This works especially well if you have a home with hardwood floors!

What kind of cost are you looking at for murals in your home? A simple stick-on mural can cost as little as ten dollars for a small one, twenty for a larger one. Artwork murals might cost as little as the price of plastic, which could easily be less than $100. Murals that cover an entire wall and require sophisticated techniques to create and install might run into thousands of dollars, while murals on the floor can be quite expensive as well.

No matter your choice, you are definitely getting a great conversation piece and a unique look for your home!

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