Nan’s Top 5 Green Living At Home Posts For 2011

I’ve been writing for BuildDirect since last February, cranking out anywhere from 8 to 12 posts a month. That is a lot of research, a lot of info and a lot of learning. I love it! I figured since it’s the end of the year, it was time for a wrap up of what I’ve written.

I’ve written about design eras, furniture styles, gardening, DIY projects, and buying or building a home. Here is my Top 5 list of favorite green living blog posts. They are topics that are close to my heart. I talk about them in real time, and I will probably write about them for years to come. You can also read my BuildDirect green blog wrap-up.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Since I was a kid, I’ve spent most of my time outside. I’ve explored the woods in all seasons, picked Japanese beetles off my mother’s roses, eventually went to college for horticulture and studied ecology. I resonated with the natural world. As I got older, I understood how precious it is and how and why we need to preserve it.

Eco-Friendly Rural Living I guess being outdoors so much has placed me in rural living situations as an adult. I love what cities have to offer, but here is why I like small communities.

Energy Audit Basics I remodeled my house in 2007, adding a solar greenhouse and solar hot water, beefing up the insulation and installing energy efficient windows. I did an energy audit and received a HERS score of 88. What’s an energy audit? Read this!

Smaller Home Design I love my house since my remodel, but my kids are growing up and moving out. I need less than half the space I have. Time to downsize! This is also the building trend for 2012, since this economy is forcing people to become more practical. If you want or need to downsize, read this!

Advantages of a Smaller House If you’re not sold on the idea of cutting back on your stuff and your living area, read this about the benefits of living smaller.

Like I said, these are topics that are close to my heart – gardening, home design and energy conservation. These define who I am. By writing them and then going over them again for this wrap-up, I am really clear on my passions and my path.

Here’s to another great year of writing for BuildDirect!

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