Celebrate Spring With Natural Flooring: Wood, Stone, Leather

photo: Master Phillip

Springtime is a beautiful time of year most associated with revitalization, transformation, and new beginnings.

This is when life begins with flowers blooming, bees buzzing, grass turning green and the smell of fun in the air. Take some of that indoors. Spring is all about nature and the beauty it brings. The idea behind natural floors like bamboo, wood, leather, natural stone, and cork is to bring nature — all dressed up — inside to enhance the aesthetics of any room.

Natural flooring provides a great staging ground for you to begin to accessorize your spaces, and really bring out the potential that you’ve always dreamed was possible in your home.

Use your natural flooring as a base for great interior design

Just as you would frame a lovely focal point in a room, work around the foundation of your chosen color pallet — the natural floor covering. Complement the colors of the flooring with springtime accents. This can all be done by looking outside, taking your inspiration from your local climate and landscapes, and taking what you see into your home. This means including some of spring’s best offerings that will help your new natural flooring, and the accessories you’ve matched with it, to shine.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Geranium flowers in lavender and blue for a restful and calming feel against lighter colored hardwood (natural oak, or cherry), natural bamboo flooring, cork, or light-colored laminate flooring.
  • Fire-and-Ice roses for a stark look can look great with the neutral elegance of stone tile, such as travertine, or limestone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and even outdoor living spaces.
  • Greenery, or pieces of art that depict it, can make subtle tones pop. The texture of the leaves, along with their vibrant color spectrums, is a great way to make your leather floors, and wood floors come to life, and create a “wow” effect with the mixture of materials.

Relax with natural flooring and matched color palettes

Redecorating a room, especially with new natural flooring, is the best way to create a haven within your home. Continuing on with the spring-time theme, you can rejuvenate and begin again with redecorating, by changing things around. By re-imagining what your space will look like with new textures and colors , you can bring about a transformation that will bring your whole house to life. Transformation means enjoyment and greater comfort. Unified spaces that also provide subtle visual and textural contrast bring restfulness.

This spring, consider updating your old space in need of a transformation with natural flooring surfaces, and see your room come to life.

If natural flooring is something that you are interested in, you can get more ideas when you order free samples from BuildDirect.

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