New Green Building Firm in Richmond Virginia Delivers Alternatives in Wood Flooring For Homeowners

Hey Good People – Rob Here

I just came across an article about a green building contractor and retail outlet on the site. The firm is based in Richmond Virginia called EcoLogic. The business is owned and operated by Stephanie and Fred Ackerman, concentrating on a turn-key solution for clients who need services ranging from design to renovation, to construction.

One of the things mentioned in the article is the need for homeowners to find alternative materials to use in renovations to their homes. More to the point, people are looking for materials which will reduce carbon footrprints, yet will also still be affordable options. Cork flooring gets a big mention, and so does reclaimed wood flooring. And bamboo flooring is a pretty big player too, of course. But, what the Ackermans found was that it’s often very hard to source these kinds of materials locally. I wonder if they’ve heard of BuildDirect? Hmmm; note to self…

In any case, this void in the local market ignited their imaginations for green building in their area. And they had a pretty practical hurdle to jump in refurbishing their premises in line with their green building philosophy. I’d encourage you to check out the EcoLogic blog, authored by co-owner Stephanie which traces the construction. It’s informative in terms of what the company is up to, but it’s also a pretty entertaining read too!



EcoLogic location in Richmond, Virginia.

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