New Trends In Kitchen Island Design

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Kitchen islands add visual dimension and practicality. Dream of your perfect kitchen island with these trends in kitchen island design.


A friend of mine recently renovated her kitchen. She removed a wall and widened the space, and had not one, but TWO kitchen islands installed. And a walk-in pantry. And two dishwashers. And a bunch of ovens. I was definitely jealous. It’s the most awesome kitchen I’ve ever seen.

To me, kitchen islands are the mark of a serious cook. They provide space to prepare and present a lot of food. You don’t have to fight for space on the counter by constantly moving things about (which is what I do most of the time). Or use the kitchen table. But while I wait to get a house with a kitchen island, I can always dream of one.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel that includes a kitchen island, you’ll want to keep reading for learning more about current kitchen island design trends.

Farmhouse-style sinks

The deep farmhouse sink is something I’m seeing more and more on kitchen islands. It leaves space for a LOT of dishes and is especially practical if you’re cooking a lot of food. Then you can just rinse off and put everything in the dishwasher without cluttering your workspace.

Beach Style Kitchen by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Yvonne McFadden LLC

Contrasting style

Usually, the kitchen island is set up with the same materials as the countertops around the kitchen space. But what if you did something completely different?

Traditional Kitchen by Portland Photographers Whitney Lyons

An island can be of a different color and different materials than the rest of the kitchen and still work wonderfully well. It will bring visual interest and movement to the kitchen and avoid the whole “matchy-matchy” design that can get boring after a while. Make sure the colors are complimentary and that the effect is the one you want–otherwise you’ll get frustrated by the clash between counters and island.


Need a more casual dining space when it’s just you at home that night? Get some stools to go along with that island, and you get the perfect island/table combo.

Traditional Kitchen by Denver Architects & Building Designers Chalet

This is practical for many reasons. It avoids having to use the formal dining room if you don’t really need it. It lets your friends sit nearby and drink wine while you prepare dinner, or the kids to do their homework. You can take a break from long standing periods without going to the couch.

Storage island

Depending on how many appliances you install in your island, you might end up with plenty of space leftover. What to do, what to do?

How about some storage space for your cookbook collection?

Contemporary Kitchen by Perth Photographers D-Max Photography

Storage space is always at a premium in any home, and adding some along with your kitchen island will give you the possibility of keeping all the kitchen stuff, including books, in the kitchen. Those who have a sizeable printed recipe collection will understand.

The table-as-island

If you have space in your kitchen AND a formal dining room space, but no budget to install a fancy island with appliances, how about getting a big farmhouse-style table and using it as an island?

Traditional Kitchen by Salem Photographers Tess Fine

Make sure that the height of the table is good for cooking and prepping. Buy some stools or high chairs that fit and use this space as an island and casual dining area. Islands don’t have to be fancy–sometimes you just need extra flat space, and nothing more. A big farmhouse table will do just right.

Your dream island

Well, for me, having any island at all would be a dream come true indeed. But what about you? What do you imagine your dream island looks like? Any trends here catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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