New Year New Bathroom: Starting Points To Consider

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Remodeling your bathroom is something that appears to be, at least at first, a daunting task. However, remodeling the bathroom transforms a portion of your home to a more modern style and adds appraisal and resale value. Nevertheless, before you dive into the headache that remodeling a bathroom potentially brings, first ask yourself these questions.

1. “How involved do I want to get?”

A full-scale bathroom remodel is an expensive and time-consuming activity. Before pouring thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into the remodel, ask yourself if simple updates, perhaps even ones you can do on your own, are adequate.

Simple additions such as paint, lighting, new faucets, or sinks give the bathroom a total makeover at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you do the installations or work without the additional cost of a contractor.

2. “How long can I last without a functional bathroom?”

Whether you’re single, married, or with children, you know the importance of using the bathroom in the morning. If you have five kids or a spouse who takes three hours to get ready, it’s not always in your best interest to lose one of your bathrooms to a remodel for an extended period of time.

Check with the contractor beforehand to see the impending timetable on the project as typically it takes about 18 days for a basic remodel of even a small bathroom.

3. “How can I incorporate sustainability into my project?”

Reducing your carbon footprint is something that everyone should embrace. It saves on energy costs and reduces waste in landfills. While installing new low-flow fixtures may cost a bit more upfront, it saves you money in the long run. From a simple perspective, consider painting cabinets instead of throwing them away.

Install energy-efficient faucets and shower heads. If you want to go to a total extreme, install solar panels to heat the water rather than the traditional water heater. The United States government gives you tax credits for this, and you save the environment at the same time.

4. How Much Time Do I Spend In the Bathroom?

Although this sounds like a bizarre question, it is completely valid. If you’re a young bachelor or bachelorette, the time spent in the bathroom is minimal — perhaps its only purpose is a quick shower and a teeth brushing before work. Other individuals spend more time in the bathroom by relaxing in the bathtub or taking an extra-long shower.

This time is crucial when deciding to remodel or what to add in your remodel. If you aren’t ever in the bathroom, is it reasonable to justify purchasing an expensive bathtub?

Weigh in on the possibilities

No matter what you decide to do with your bathroom, weigh in on all the possibilities. Ask as many questions as you can to your family and yourself and come up with a plan to execute the remodel.

As with any other construction or remodeling project, do your homework regarding a trustworthy contractor. The more time you put in before the actual remodel, the more seamless the entire process.


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