New Year, New Trends Part Three: Flooring in 2018

trending flooring products

So far in our New Year, New Trends series we’ve revealed that modern comfort leads the charge for popular Interior Designs in 2018 and that metal and iridescence is in for accents in Home Decor trends this year. The final post in our three part series gets you in on the ground floor for this year’s trends–literally. Without further ado, let’s see what 2018 has in store for trending flooring products.

Carpet Is Still Popular

trending flooring products

While some flooring trends come and go, carpet is still the leader when it comes to flooring choices. In fact, carpet makes up over 60 percent of retail flooring sales. You’re not limited to just a few colors and styles, either. Not only is there a growing market for fashion-oriented carpet choices, you’ll also find a nearly endless variety of colors, designs, patterns, and cuts.

Carpet tiles, which are traditional carpeting on square tiles, are easy to install and move and are a growing trend for 2018. Since you can create plenty of unique patterns and designs with these tiles, they’re a good alternative to regular carpet floors.

Hardwood Is a Preferred Choice

Mazama Hardwood - Handscraped Tropical Collection

Oak Blackmoon / 4 3/4″ / Random Length SKU: 10071146

While carpet might have the majority of retail sales, hardwood floors are still a popular choice for many homeowners. If you’re thinking about adding hardwood floors to your home this year, there are a few trends you can consider. Wide plank wood floors have a width of 5 inches or more and are growing in demand because they’re faster to install. Moreover, the larger size gives you an opportunity to appreciate the grain of the wood.

Another trend to think about is installing hardwood planks in varying widths. Not only does this give your floors a unique look, it’s also great for a historic design since it recalls a time when home builders would use every part of the tree for the floor. Textured floors are also a top trend right now. Distressed wood planks and wire brushed floors give the wood a stylish and eye-catching design that also helps hide everyday wear and tear.

Products That Mimic Hardwood Are in Demand

Salerno Derby Series- Porcelain Tile

Umber / 6″x36″ / Matte SKU: 15268893

Not only is hardwood a sought-after flooring, products that look like hardwood are also a popular trend for 2018. Of all the products on the market right now, porcelain tile planks are by far the most favored option. Porcelain tiles are very resistant to wear and tear and can hold up well in homes with heavy foot traffic. Additionally, the tiles are low maintenance. You can simply wipe up any spills, and they don’t require any sealing. Finally, you can find porcelain tile planks in just about as many styles and colors as real hardwood.

Vinyl Is Getting a Second Look

Vesdura Vinyl Planks - 5.5mm SPC Click Lock - Influence Collection

Nordic White Oak / 5.5mm / SPC / Click Lock SKU: 15265808

Along with porcelain tiles, another product that’s trending for 2018 and mimics the look of hardwood is vinyl flooring. Not only does vinyl typically cost less than traditional hardwood floors, you’ll also enjoy easy-to-clean characteristics; a variety of colors, textures, and styles; stain resistance; and comfort underfoot. Additionally, there’s a segment on the market for luxury vinyl flooring. While these options are around $4 or $5 a square foot, they also offer quality and style that’s very difficult to distinguish from real hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile.

Green Options Are Growing in Popularity

Green living is gaining in popularity in all areas of the home, including flooring options. If you’d like to incorporate this trend into your home this year, you’ll find plenty of options available. There are carpets with fibers made using corn sugar or recycled food and drink containers instead of nylon. If you’re interested in getting wood floors, consider cork. This eco-friendly product comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark grows back every three years, which means manufacturers can harvest it numerous times during the tree’s life.

Another sustainable option for floors is bamboo. While it looks like wood, bamboo is actually a grass. It only takes three to five years for bamboo to reach maturity, which is much faster than the 20 years it takes for a hardwood tree to mature. While bamboo is naturally light in color, you can find it in a variety of different shades to match nearly any existing decor.

Gray Is Still a Hot Color

Yanchi Varuna Waterproof Engineered Bamboo Collection

Marseille / 1.5mm / Waterproof / 5 1/8″ SKU: 15273480

Gray is still going strong as one of the hottest colors in the home decor and design world right now, and this is moving on to flooring colors as well. If you’re interested in bringing this trend to your home, there are a variety of ways you can do it. You’ll find numerous styles of gray tile flooring and grey vinyl flooring planks  that look good in any room. If you already have hardwood floors in your home, consider sanding them down and staining them in a new shade of gray.

Dark Floors Are Also Popular

Dark colors on floors are also very popular for 2018. Since dark floors can sometimes make a room feel small, one way to incorporate this trend without feeling closed in is to contrast it with bright white walls and furniture. While dark floors can make a truly stunning statement, keep in mind that they’re more high maintenance than lighter colors since they tend to show dirt more easily. Therefore, it’s recommended you consider this trend only if you don’t have kids or pets or you don’t mind spending a little extra time cleaning your floors every day.

Parquet Floors Are Making a Comeback

Tungston Plank - Herringbone White Oak Flooring

Herringbone / White Oak / Natural / 4″ X 16″ / Unfinished SKU: 15101937

At one time, parquet floors were a staple in nearly every room of the house. Over the years, straight planks replaced this style of flooring. However, parquet is starting to make a comeback since it adds a unique geometric pattern and design to the floors. Herringbone, which is one of the most popular parquet floor patterns, is seeing a revival as homeowners look for ways to bring visual interest and attention to their floors.

If you’re planning on a new floor in any room of your house in 2018, keep these flooring trends in mind to create a beautiful new look in your home.

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