New Years Decorations: Make Your Room Sparkle

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If you’re planning on having a gathering of friends or family over for New Year’s Eve celebration, a little decoration goes a long way in making the event a bit more festive. Typically, a majority of the activity during New Year’s takes place in your living room as it’s often regarded as the most social room in the house. To add a little sparkle to your living room, consider adding these eye-catching, yet simple decorations.

New Year’s Home Decorations

1. Adding Gold and Silver

Nothing says elegance like incorporating the shiny glow of gold and silver into the color scheme of a room. If you can’t find gold or silver accessories at an affordable price, consider using spray paint to add to candle holders, lamps, or other fixtures. Also, gold is making quite a stir in modern interior decor, so the decorations don’t even have to be temporary.

2. All That Glitters

Building upon the gold and silver theme, glitter gives the room a dazzling look that adds to the overall feel of the New Year’s celebration. Not only this, but glitter is cheap and can be added to just about any object in the room. Party hats, candles, cups, glasses, furniture, and other miscellaneous objects are prime objects for a little dusting of glitter. Just make sure not to go overboard or you’ll keep finding it for months after the holiday.

3. Go Balloon Crazy

Balloons are fun no matter what the atmosphere. For the New Year, buy balloons in a variety of colors (or just silver and gold if you’re going with that theme) and inflate them with a tank of helium. The balloons then cover the ceiling and provide an interesting and impressive canopy.

In all, the cost is under $50 since a tank of helium is typically around $40 and the balloons under $10 (depending on quantity). If you want to include other people, grab a marker and let people write on them for a fun, pre-midnight activity.

4. Food and Drink Additions

The key to any great party is the food and drink, so don’t stifle the creativity when it comes to this aspect. Adding sparkle is simple. For drinks, design cups with glitter or markers. The ideal vessel to use is a plastic champagne flute as the glitter contributes to the warmth and excitement of the New Year.

For food of any kind, place sparklers in it prior to serving. Although it won’t last the whole time, nothing says awesome like bringing a dish out with sparks flying every which way. There is also edible sugar in various colors that adds a sparkle to deserts such as cakes and cookies.

Ring It in with a Sense of Fun

Throwing a great New Year’s Eve party isn’t difficult if you’re ready for it. By making the decorations beforehand, the setting is pleasing to the eye and compliment-worthy. The only thing you’ll have to worry about after that is having a great time and trying to remember the words to Auld Lang Syne.

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