New Years Eve Party Ideas to Ring in 2019

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New Year's Eve Party Ideas

If you want to start the new year on the right foot, make sure you go out of the current year with a bang. There’s nothing quite like capping off the holiday season with a fun New Year’s Eve party, especially if you’re able to gather friends and family to celebrate. If you’re hosting this year’s bash, take some time to plan it out. This guide will walk you through some of the most popular New Year’s Eve party ideas so you can choose which things to include in your celebration.

Gold Everything

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Metallics turn even the most laid-back NYE party into a glamorous-looking affair. It’s amazing how gold can set the tone for a fun and festive occasion, so be sure to load up on gold decorations for your big bash. From balloons and streamers to plates, cups, and napkins, there are so many ways to incorporate a bit of shine and sparkle into your event. To make the evening feel even more magical, look for gold sequin décor that has an especially luxurious look.

One unexpected perk of using gold decorations is that you can often reuse items for future parties. As long as the items aren’t emblazed with “Happy New Year!” or the year, you can easily incorporate them into other events, including parties for birthdays, graduations, or even Christmas.

Disco Truffles

Speaking of sparkle, it helps to incorporate a bit of gold glimmer into some of your party treats. Disco truffles are a popular choice since they feel appropriately decadent and rich for a festive event like New Year’s Eve. Plus, the sparkly appearance adds to the atmosphere of your event.

These treats consist of brownie truffles that are stuffed with chocolate truffles and decorated with “disco dust” (AKA edible gold glitter). For an extra metallic pop, use gold cupcake wrappers to display those disco truffles at the party.

Paper Bag Party Favors

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

A simple kraft paper bag can be transformed into the ultimate party gift with a few simple twists. These bags are great for handing out fun accessories for your guests to enjoy throughout the party. First, decorate the bag with markers or glitter to add a personal touch. Consider using pretty stickers or ribbon to seal the bags, rather than just plain tape.

Next, it’s time to fill each bag with some party essentials. Here are some ideas to inspire your personalized party favor bags:

  • Party blowers.
  • Mini bottles of champagne.
  • Plastic champagne flutes.
  • Confetti.
  • Party hats .
  • Party poppers.
  • Sparklers.
  • Mini bottles of bubbles.
  • Chocolate kisses (like midnight kisses!)


New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Can you really call it a party if you don’t have balloons? You can, but you’d be missing out on the easy and affordable decorating opportunities that balloons provide. Purchase plenty of gold balloons to fill your space along with a few accent colors like white, black, and silver. Be sure to fill them with helium and choose cute decorative anchors to keep them in place. Consider tying a few balloons to a weighted gold ornament or a champagne bottle that will sit out until the clock strikes midnight.

If you want to add a fun surprise for your guests as they ring in the new year, create an at-home balloon drop for your party. It’s easy to make with simple materials like string, masking tape, and a thin plastic sheet or tablecloth. Remember to fill the balloons with regular air and not helium so they’ll float to the floor when you release them.

Champagne Sangria

Put a fresh twist on the traditional midnight toast by serving up Champagne sangria at your event. In addition to adding a little extra flavor to this popular New Year’s Eve drink, it also cuts down on your Champagne costs.

Mix apple juice, orange juice, frozen cranberry juice concentrate, and slices of fruit with Champagne to whip up this sweet and bubbly beverage. If you’re hosting kids or adults who don’t wish to imbibe, you can substitute ginger ale to make a nonalcoholic version.

Pink Champagne Cake Pops

Another fun way to incorporate Champagne into your New Year’s Eve party is to serve up pink Champagne cake pops. This fun treat is made by adding Champagne, eggs, and water to boxed cake mix. Red or pink food coloring adds the pink hue; similarly, you can use food coloring to produce icing to coat the cake pops in any color you like. Top each one off with a bit of edible glitter for a festive pop of gold.

Hors D’oeuvres

While boozy beverages and sweet treats are appreciated at any party, it’s important to give your guests something a little more substantial to snack on as well. Instead of a big meal, however, plan to offer lots of bite-sized hors d’oeuvres that will be easy for your guests to grab while they mix and mingle. Keep it simple yet satisfying with delicious dips, cheese and crackers, and crudité along with at least two or three warm bites, such as spinach puffs, savory tarts, or juicy meatballs.

Re-purpose Home Décor

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Looking to throw a fun New Year’s Eve bash without overspending? Get an early start on next year’s frugal resolutions by re-purposing items around your home into party décor. Rather than overspending on party decorations, you can find fresh and exciting ways to make your home look party-ready. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use old wine bottles as candle holders.
  • Turn interesting buckets or bowls into containers for drinks, snacks, or dips.
  • Drape beaded necklaces over lights to add color and twinkle.
  • Place nuts and candies in pretty glasses or bowls.
  • Leave out some holiday lights and decorations to create a festive atmosphere.

Prepping for a memorable New Year’s Eve bash is easy when you have a plan in place. Make the transition into the next year magical for your family and friends by serving up tasty food and drinks and creating a festive atmosphere for the event. Have a blast throwing a great NYE bash and starting the new year off on the right foot.

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