News Release – Radical recycled line of tile setting mortars.

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Manufacturers Floor Laid Spay and Aps Daily Floor have announced the launch of their new product line of reclaimed chewing gum-based tile setting mortars. The newly invented product is the fruit of the companies’ recent partnership and will allow these businesses to expand their reach across the globe.

Floor Laid Spay is a top manufacturer of tile setting products for flooring contractors. Company Vice President, Fay Loops Laird, says that expanding the Floor Laid Spay/Aps Daily Floor partnership was a natural progression and will unite the brilliance of both companies.

“Our partnership with Aps Daily Floor will allow us to provide a better green product selection to our customers,” says Fay Loops Laird. “By combining our knowledge into one cohesive product line, we are able to fulfill our commitment by striving to make our products as green as possible.”

The new line of reclaimed chewing gum-based mortars is completely safe to use and offers an unparalleled combination of high shear bond strength (350 psi – 24.6kg/cm2) and great flavours.

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Peter Phillips