Nice to be noticed on Flooring the Consumer

Hey everyone!

We here at BuildDirect are extremely honoured to have been mentioned by Flooring the Consumer, a marketing blog that focuses on consumer experience.  Blogger C.B Whittemore’s post has focused on the flooring industry in relation to the media they call social – social media, in other words – which includes communication channels like this blog, along with YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and so on.

It seems that this blog, and our other blogs have scored pretty high on the list.  I suppose that this post could easily turn into something of a ‘yay us!’  But, really it’s about thanking Flooring the Consumer for noticing us, finding value here, and telling others about us.  That’s a big part of this media they call social.

And in turn, hopefully some of you will check them out, too – yet another vital element – maybe starting blogs of your own, getting on Twitter, and/or Facebook.  From there,  sharing content you find useful from both of us, and from other sources, plugs you right in to the community.  That way, you become a part of it, too.

Another aspect of course has to do with how we make this blog, and our ways of connecting with readers and customers, better.  In this respect, C.B’s post helps us frame how well we’re doing.  But, we know we can always do better.  So, dear reader, let us know what you think.  What would you like to see in an online flooring and other building materials resource like this one?

Let us know!



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