Concrete looking tiles: Key trend for 2022

The look and concept of using concrete floors is a fast-growing trend. This trendy flooring option is currently being enjoyed in both commercial and residential interiors. The durable, popular flooring choice of concrete looking tiles has grown over recent years within the design community thanks to the wide range of patterns and colors that concrete provides. Not only is concrete look flooring versatile and durable, but it’s also a great option if you’re aiming for a sleek, clean aesthetic. For years, interior designers used luxury vinyl flooring to offer clients the look of concrete. Today, concrete looking tiles are overtaking vinyl thanks to their easy availability and a rise in manufacturing. This gives homeowners the chance to not only enjoy the look of concrete but to also experience the other benefits that it provides.

Concrete-look tiles
Salerno Porcelain Tile – Tint Concrete
Grigio / Sku: 15249873

How You Should Be Using Concrete in Your Interior Design

There are lots of ways you can incorporate concrete in a home other than just a garage or basement. Here are some examples of how you can use this flooring material in other rooms of the home to give it stylish versatility:

•   Install concrete looking tile floors in a bathroom instead of the traditional ceramic tile. This smooth, sleek material will instantly give a bathroom an elegant, modern touch. When contrasted against the softer textures of bathroom rugs and towels, concrete can give contemporary bathrooms a sleek, spa-like feel.

Salerno Porcelain Tile – Urban Concrete
Grey / Sku: 15191945

•   Concrete is a perfect material for countertops. Thanks to its extremely durable properties, it makes an excellent countertop for bathrooms and kitchens. The rugged look of concrete is ideal when designing modern or industrial-inspired homes.

•   Consider adding concrete to walls and flooring in almost any room of the home. This material can easily be stained or painted to any color you like. The durability of concrete makes it a fantastic alternative to create slightly textured walls, and its sleek aesthetic is a good way to give a room a simple, clean look.

•   Since concrete can be molded into any form, it’s also a unique choice for décor. Make bowls, candleholders, or even pendant light shades from concrete to add a substantial component to a room.

Concrete look ideas

Concrete is an exceptionally versatile material, which means it can be incorporated into a home for a variety of uses. If you want to use it for flooring, get some concrete floor samples to determine which option is best in a specific space. The concept of concrete looking tiles can also be added in other ways. Since the material can be sculpted, molded, or applied directly to almost any surface, it’s easy to use concrete in several creative ways. Here are some unique concrete look ideas that will take your interior design to the next level:

•   Go bold by adding concrete to a ceiling. Instead of drywall or wood beams, cover a ceiling completely in concrete to give a home a dramatic, modern look. You can use this idea in a main living area, a bedroom, or in the kitchen.

•   Combine concrete floors with textured walls like shiplap or a stylish grasscloth wallpaper. The juxtaposition of the different materials will make a bold impact in any space.

•   If you install concrete countertops, give the kitchen some depth by adding a unique tile backsplash with black grout for visual contrast.

•   Make custom furniture crafted of concrete to give any room a unique touch. An all-concrete bookshelf is a bold addition to a den, home office, or living room.

•   Instead of traditional sinks, make an oversized farm sink comprised of concrete for a kitchen. This material also works well in a bathroom, where you can design a double vanity constructed entirely of this durable material, including the counters. The single piece of concrete adds a sleek look and also makes it extremely easy to clean.

Designing with Concrete

For years, concrete was considered a building material used for construction, patios, and driveways. However, this versatile material is quickly becoming a popular and trendy choice for interior designs, too. The resurgence of concrete is partially thanks to the popularity of industrial design. The sleek, smooth surface of polished concrete adds a modern and luxurious element to any space. Another perk to designing with concrete is its affordability. You can achieve the same shine and luxurious look like marble at a fraction of the price. Talk to your clients and find out if they like concrete, then discuss ways you can incorporate it into their interior design.

Stylish Concrete Flooring Ideas for a Modern Home

Concrete-look tiles add elegance to an entrance.
Cabot Porcelain Tile – Dimensions Series
Gris / Sku: 15195154

Any home that uses concrete floors will look more modern and updated. One of the best features of concrete is that it can be made to resemble natural materials like wood or textured tile. Concrete can be painted or finished in any color, and it can be molded into an array of beautiful geometric or floral shapes. Here are some ways you can use concrete as flooring to design a modern home:

•   Gather some concrete flooring samples together to get an idea of which options you like best. Some products aren’t made of concrete, but they are finished to recreate the same look thanks to their gray coloring and smooth, sleek surface.

•   To give a home a sleek and modern look, consider polished concrete flooring. The polished finish gives the material a glossy shiny surface and adds a bright, airy component to the room.

•   Stained concrete gives you the freedom to design something in any color palette you choose.

Enjoy the fashionable look of stained concrete floors with the durability of porcelain.
Salerno Urban Loft Collection – Porcelain Tile in Brown / Sku: 15249870

•   Emboss your concrete floors to give them additional texture. Look for designs that resemble wood grain, tile, or other materials that offer the look your client wants without the additional maintenance and upkeep required for things like hardwood or tile.

With its versatile and durable properties, it’s easy to see why concrete look flooring is on-trend for 2022. Consider the many ways you can incorporate this material into your next interior design project. From bathroom floors to countertops and custom sinks, concrete is definitely a material that isn’t going away any time soon.


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